May 2010

61. Make Peace with the Poppy Chairman

Incoming Commander of Barrington VFW Post 7706, Paul Corwin

I just met the “Poppy Chairman”, Paul Corwin this weekend.  I found his phone number in the newspaper when I was looking for details about Barrington’s Memorial Day Parade.  When he picked up the phone, I said something like, “Hi Paul.  My name is Liz and I wondered if you might share some information with me […]

60. Share the Meaning of Memorial Day

Remembering Veterans at Evergreen Cemetery

Memorial Day Weekend is often called the “Unofficial Start of Summer”. Over the years, it has turned into a holiday for barbeques, parties and warm weather fun. Sometimes these celebrations overshadow the real reason behind the holiday. But a handful of parents found a way to teach their kids the true meaning this weekend with […]

59. Memorial Weekend Block Party

South Barrington Arboretum Memorial Weekend Block Party

There’s a whole lot going on in Barrington today, including the big “Memorial Weekend Block Party” taking place at The Arboretum of South Barrington. They have activities for the whole family planned for the whole day, starting at 9AM and ending with a live performance of the “10,000 Maniacs” on the main stage at 8:30 […]

58. Get to Know Artist Jim Root

Dory Sunset by Barrington Hills Artist James Root

The best thing about writing this blog is having an excuse to pick up the phone and call people.  This website is far from fancy, but it is one way to strike up a conversation and get to know neighbors who live right here in Barrington, like artist Jim Root.  Jim moved to Barrington Hills 23 […]

57. Barrington Art Fest Acoustic Café Lineup


There will be so much more than just visual arts on display at this weekend’s Barrington Art Festival. One of the Village of Barrington’s festival planners says it’s an art festival and a music festival rolled up into one weekend right in downtown Barrington. The festival’s “Acoustic Café Stage” will be featuring musicians all weekend in the […]

56. Barrington Streetscapes with Artist Sue Daly

Painter Sue Daly's Nortons General Store in Barrington, Illinois

One of the artists who will be displaying her work at this weekend’s Barrington Art Festival is a painter who lives in Lake Barrington by the name of Sue Daly. Her specialty is painting images of homes, architecture and landmarks. And Sue is particularly inspired by Barrington’s historic buildings. Sue has been drawing properties for […]

55. Barrington Art Festival 4-1-1

Map of the Barrington Art Festival Exhibitors

I have a few more details that you might find useful about this weekend’s Art Festival. The fest will take place, rain or shine, this Saturday and Sunday, May 29th and 30th, from 10AM until 5PM. The 140 artist exhibitors have been assigned booth locations primarily along Cook and Station Streets. Highlights include the artwork […]

54. Map Out Your Summer Art Festivals

Summer Art Festivals with Amdur Productions

***FOR 2011 AMDUR ART FESTIVAL INFO, CLICK HERE*** The summer art festival season kicks off right here in Barrington this Memorial Day weekend. And the word on the streets is that the Barrington Village has hired the VERY BEST art festival production company to run the show. It’s a company called Amdur Productions and they’re […]

53. Be Inspired by Artist Gail Collier

Shopping with Artist Gail Collier

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be an artist? Sometimes I do. How do they turn emotions into artwork? Is communicating with creativity more an inherited gift or is it a mastered skill? Where do their ideas and inspirations come from? Yesterday I decided I’d pick up the phone and ask an artist […]

52. Celebrate the Art of New Beginnings

Susan McConnell Photography

There’s something about photos of babies that makes me happy. To me, there is nothing sweeter than baby feet, baby folds and even baby drool. This sounds pretty pathetic, I know. But with a 4-month-old and a 20-month old in my house, baby drool is what I do. Is it glamorous, no. But is it […]

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