88. Pepper Family Hospice Open House

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The new Pepper Family Hospice Home and Center for Care is celebrating their opening by inviting the community to tour the new facility today.

Pepper Family Hospice in Barrington, Illinois

Photo Courtesy of Barrington Resident, Bob Lee

Photo Courtesy of Barrington Resident, Bob Lee

There’s a Ribbon Cutting and Dedication ceremony today at 12:30 followed by tours of the home and gardens from 1 – 4PM. The 42,000-square-foot facility in a lovely 6.7 acre park-like setting features 16 private patient rooms and family areas designed with the feeling of home.  It is an inpatient hospice providing care and support for patients facing terminal illness and their families.

Patient Room at the Pepper Family Hospice

Photo Courtesy of Barrington Resident, Bob Lee

Today’s tours will include the inpatient wings, family areas, as well as the Center for Care. The Pepper Family Hospice Home and Center for Care is at 405 Lake Zurich Road in Barrington. For information, call 847-381-5599 or visit their website at HospiceAnswers.org.

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  1. Connie DiNicolo-Kosmo,RN Monday, October 3 2011


    I have been a registered nurse for 18 years and am very interested and would like to meet with your human resource or managing director regarding employment, either part time of full time.

    I was recently referred by a friend who is an RN & not employed at your hospice home but has 2 friends who are. I apologize I do not know there names, but my friend referred me to your hospice center for employment. I have hospice experience and would like to find out how I can apply for a position as my time spent with hospice patients was very dear to me. I cared for the patients with all my heart and I would like to meet with someone to discuss possible employment. Please feel free to contact me @ 847.991.1756, the best time is daytime. I would love to come in and visit your home and greatly appreciate a meeting with a director or nurse in charge.

    Thank you for your time


    Connie DiNicolo-Kosmo,RN


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