Brooke Baxter, Four Legs & A Soul

122. Communicate with your Four Leggeds

When asked if she has children, Brooke Baxter usually responds ‘yes four leggeds’.  And that’s because she has 3 horses, 3 dogs and 2 cats.  The phrase soon became the inspiration for Four Legs & A Soul started 2 years ago when Brooke moved with her husband to Barrington Hills from New York.  I went … Read more

Ready Set Go!

121. Swim Aqualusion

It’s been a record hot summer this year, and every time the temperature reaches toward 90° I can faintly smell chlorine. As a child I was typically one of the first at the pool, waiting with my feet in the water for the lifeguards to blow their whistles and let the swimming begin. I associate … Read more

Sidewalk Days Booth

120. Meet Entrepreneurs 2.0

Barrington Sidewalk Days is bustling this year!  The Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) set up shop on Cook Street just outside McGonigal’s Pub passing out information and guides along with free 60010 Coupon Booklets. But they were not alone as they were surrounded by young business owners.  Today was the official launch of Barrington … Read more

Ice House Mall

119. Coloring Barrington

Dream #119….It’s dusty; Barrington is dustier than I remember. Not only that, but everything looks really funny–funny as in colorful.  I know I’m in Barrington though, because I’m standing outside the Ice House Mall. I’ve shopped here enough, I should know. But instead of the dulling tan brick, the building with all my favorite stores … Read more

BACC Coupon Booklet Cover

118. Bring Your Green to Sidewalk Days

There’s not a lot in life that comes free, not even at Barrington’s Sidewalk Days. But Barrington shoppers will find one thing for free this weekend—local businesses collecting recyclable items. Barrington Sidewalk Days, celebrating its 33rd downtown event July 29th through July 31st, features local retailers and artisans set-up along The Foundry on Route 14, … Read more

Laura Cappelletti, Studio Owner

117. Connecting Your Mind and Body

I have a “love/not-too-fond-of” relationship with exercise.  I love the results, but I’m not too fond of what it takes to get there.  But a couple of years ago I discovered this quaint pilates studio called Yin Yang Pilates at 5073 Shoreline Road in Lake Barrington.  I stopped in to catch up with Laura Cappelletti, … Read more

Metra Station Clock

116. Take a Ride on the Metra

Chicago-land is known for having 2 seasons, winter and construction.  So it’s nice to know that you can eliminate the frustration of driving in the midst of all the construction by taking the Metra.  So how convenient to have a Metra station right in Barrington which takes you right into Chicago.  The Barrington Metra station … Read more

TT Patton, The Art of Fine Writing

115. TT Patton to the Rescue

For me, one of the hardest things about being self-employed is knowing when to step away from work. But there are a few times each year that I devote to my family and this next week is one of them.  I’m taking time off to spend time with my peeps and I found a great person to … Read more

WGN Radio Live Broadcast in Barrington

113. WGN Radio Live Broadcast at McGonigal’s

McGonigal’s Pub in Barrington is THE PLACE to BE for your morning coffee stop tomorrow. The Pub’s manager says the’re expecting to have people lined up at the door at the crack of dawn tomorrow to be part of WGN Radio’s LIVE morning broadcast at McGonigal’s during the latest stop on WGN’s “Hometown Voices” Tour. WGN’s coordinator for tomorrow’s … Read more