August 2010

153. Grab Lunch at “The Original Dog Tracks”

Lunch Stop at Dog Tracks in Barrington, Illinois

What’s bright yellow, black and was born in Barrington? The Original Dog Tracks restaurant at Main and Lageschulte Streets, of course. A stone’s-throw from Barrington High School, they’re serving up Vienna Beef hotdogs and special secret recipes every day and, now that school is back in session, they’re even staying open late. Dog Tracks offers […]

152. Get Cooking with Herbs

Growing and Cooking with Herbs

If you’re like me, you may occasionally fantasize about having your own herb garden à la The Barefoot Contessa at her home in the Hamptons. When I’m cooking spaghetti sauce, for example, and realize that I’m out of oregano, I dream of grabbing the garden scissors, walking outside and clipping a handful from the back yard. Then […]

151. Toast 10 Years of “Wellness” at The Lavender Ball

An Evening of Fundraising for Wellness Place

There’s a very special and highly anticipated party happening in Barrington in just two weeks.  “The Lavender Ball” at the Barrington Hills Country Club will celebrate the ten year anniversary of Wellness Place.  Over the years, Wellness Place has provided counseling, education and support to countless cancer patients and their families.  The upcoming gala is […]

150. Spruce Things Up at Before the Redesign

We’re on day 150 here at Though I’m not quite half way through, somehow #150 feels like progress. While I’ve been busy keeping up with my daily posts, we’ve been working, behind the scenes, on ways to make this website more useful. Today, we’re launching our new look, for now, with new plans to […]

149. Celebrate a Year of “HERE in Barrington”

HERE Fest at Barrington High School

The first week of school in Barrington has come to an end, and there’s a special celebration planned at Barrington High School tonight despite two tragic suicides in the past two weeks linked to Barrington School District 220. The student group formed last year to combat a recent trend of teen suicides in Barrington is […]

148. Savor the Flavors with Farmer Wayne Miller

Wayne Miller at the Barrington Farmers Market

It is a gorgeous day today!  If you want to get outside and pick up some of the freshest produce in town, stop by and see Farmer Wayne Miller at the Barrington Farmers Market this afternoon.  He and his crew have been at the Farmers Market every Thursday this summer from their farm in Coloma, Michigan. […]

147. Bronco Football Pep Rally

Barrington High School

They’ll be raising the roof at Barrington High School tomorrow night. The 15th Annual Bronco Football Pep Rally starts at 7PM and they say, “Come early, be loud, wear red and show your spirit!” Team players, cheerleaders, the Broncette Pom Squad, Spirit Band and Color Guard will all be performing to get the crowd fired […]

146. Barrington Back to School Pop Quiz

First Day of the New School Year for Students in Barrington, Illinois

Today is the first day of the new school year in Barrington for students in grades 1-12.  Your kids may be hitting the books, but how well do you know your District 220 schools trivia?  Read on to see how you score on our Barrington Back to School Pop Quiz.  1.)   The District 220 Superintendent […]

145. Eat, Pray and Love FOOD

Eat Pray Love Special Movie Menu

The movie version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, “Eat Pray Love” hit the big screen this month and Gold Class Cinemas at the South Barrington Arboretum is offering a special menu and cooking demonstrations based on the movie this week. In the story, the main character, played by Julia Roberts, visits Italy, India and Indonesia during […]

144. Grow Little Readers at Learning Trek

Get Kids Reading Early at Learning Trek

My oldest child is about to turn two and there are a lot of things I’m still learning about being a mom. In the coming year, we have to tackle things like potty training, transitioning to a “big girl” bed and getting those shoes on the right feet.  The owner of “Learning Trek Academy” in Barrington […]

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