155. Discover New Colors with Anthony Tortoriello

I love everyday photography, but sometimes I see pictures that make me pause, look closer and want to know more about the person behind the lens.  Whether it’s the content, the composition or the creativity, some images are just plain powerful. And there’s one photographer in Barrington who embraces the edgy, freezes the beautiful, enhances color and captures humor in ways that define his style and are getting him noticed.

Boat Dog by Anthony Tortoriello

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Tortoriello

Anthony Tortoriello on the Cover of Photoshop User MagaineHis name is Anthony Tortoriello and Photoshop User Magazine is featuring an article about him in this month’s issue which hits newsstands on September 14th.  They even chose to feature his work on the magazine’s cover!  When I first saw one of Anthony’s photographs, the colors are what made me most curious. I’ve since learned that he loves taking pictures so much that he lives life with his camera strapped around his neck, snapping photos of scenes he encounters from the farmers market to gardens to Main street. He finds inspiration everywhere, but many of his images take new life when he enhances them at home in his digital darkroom. His work has been featured by National Geographic, in ads, on billboards and this is what HE sees when he takes a walk in the garden…

Photographer Anthony Tortoriello

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Tortoriello

Anthony Tortoriello's Hummingbird

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Tortoriello

Barrington Photographer, Anthony Tortoriello's Nature Photography

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Tortoriello

To me, these photos are stunning. But Anthony is as comfortable in nature as he is in the tattoo parlor where his photographs are characteristically colorful, intimately candid and (ever so slightly) intimidating at the same time.

Tattoo Hands

Courtesy of Anthony Tortoriello

But one of Anthony’s favorite assignments was photographing a dog named “Faith” who was born with a deformity that claimed two legs. Anthony captured Faith in several Chicago scenes which communicate a dog’s version of triumph over adversity. His work made the New York Post’s list of “best animal images” in 2009.

Faith The Dog at The Bean in Chicago

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Tortoriello

Anthony left the family business and re-focused his career about seven years ago. He went back to school, studied photography and has a passion for taking an image into his “digital darkroom” and using software like Photoshop to push a photo’s colors to its limits. He describes his style as, “In-your-face color, that’s vibrant, bold and crisp” and says, “Whether I’m walking around or on my bicycle, my camera is always with me.”

Barrington Photographer, Anthony Tortoriello

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Tortoriello

Anthony has been hired by businesses to beautifully capture their products and services on camera. But some of his coolest images have been taken, on impulse, right down at Barrington’s Farmers Market. He says someday he’d love to work more with National Geographic, teach or write a book about how to use a point-and-shoot camera creatively. In the meantime, if you like his work, have a project for him or even want to hire him for private photography lessons, visit his website and give him a call. You can follow Anthony on Facebook by clicking HERE, check out his pet photography studio by visiting PerfectPetPhotos.com and you’ll find his online portfolio at Atortphotography.com.

Farmers Market Raspberries

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Tortoriello

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  1. Anthony is the coolest guy! Your article is really nice and shows how incredible he is. He always offered to help with my photography, giving me tricks and all. I wish him all the best for the future!

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