August 2011

56. Get in on the New Barrington Dance Craze

Dancing in the Streets of Downtown Barrington

There’s a new community dance craze taking over the streets of Barrington. “Flash Mobs” have become the latest rage. If you watch Glee, follow YouTube or are a hip and happening reader of, I’m sure you know all about them ;).  For those of you who’d like a little background, Flash Mobs are “large […]

55. Get Social with Barrington Businesswomen

Welcome to Barrington

With Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so many other popular networks, it has become WAY too easy to spend more time socializing online than in person, hasn’t it?  I know.  As a serial online networker, sadly, I speak from experience.  But a group of Barrington businesswomen has come up with a fun way to get us […]

54. A Night with Louis Armstrong at Sanfilippo Concert

ML Jordan-Louis Armstrong

The great and gritty voice of Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong will be brought to life in Barrington Hills tomorrow night as the Sanfilippo Foundation hosts their third concert of the summer. The Sanfilippo family founded John B. Sanfilippo and Sons, Inc., the parent company of Fisher Nuts, and tomorrow’s show is the latest in a series […]

53. Get Lucky at the Summer Duck Race & Pool Party

Annual Duck Races in Barrington, Illinois

Don’t let summer sneak away without taking part in one of Barrington’s most popular parties of the season. The 18th Annual Duck Race and Pool Party is happening tomorrow and there are hundreds of rubber ducks resting in Barrington tonight before they take the plunge during tomorrow’s big event. With more than 150 prizes on […]

52. Save the Lives You Love at National Night Out

National Night Out in Barrington, Illinois

Our new baby turned two weeks old yesterday. With three kids under three in our house, events like tonight’s sixth annual National Night Out at Citizens Park in Barrington are beginning to take on new meaning.  Barrington police have played a big part in the planning and it’s designed to be a fun way to […]

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