68. Spot the Scarecrow to Win a Sweet Prize

It’s a beautiful fall day, it’s Friday to boot and I’m in the mood for a contest! Who feels like spotting scarecrows this weekend? Businesses throughout Barrington have decorated their storefronts with scarecrows for the Village’s annual community scarecrow design competition and I’ve been out on the streets snapping photos. Today we have a winner from last week’s first ever 365 Barrington Spot the Scarecrow contest and we have another mystery scarecrow for you to identify. Do you know where this artsy scarecrow is chillin’ this fall?

I’m told that the hot pink flower pot will be a dead giveaway, but we’ll see.  If you can tell us what business this straw painter belongs to, you could be our next winner and we have a great prize for this week. But first, let’s talk about last week’s winner and the fireman scarecrow we featured. We had some great guesses and we drew our winner’s name today. We’ll reveal the winner after we take a look at the man behind the scarecrow. He’s Brian Long, the owner of Long and Company Jewelers at 105 E. Main Street.  Brian says he’s pretty proud of the store’s straw man this year who has been decked out in fireman gear, a tribute to the heroes of September 11th.

You’ll find Brian and Long and Company Jewelers right in the center of town, on the southeast corner of Route 59 (Hough Street) and Lake Cook Road (Main Street). He sells gorgeous jewelry, offers jewelry and watch repair, cleaning and appraisal services plus, he’s the exclusive Waterford Crystal retailer in town. The winner who correctly identified the scarecrow outside of Brian’s storefront wins $30 dollars worth of in-store services. It’ll come in handy because they’ll fix or clean your jewelry or put a new battery in your watch while you wait. The store has a great laid-back vibe, too, and was beautifully refurbished by the Longs before they opened for business back in 2006. In fact, as you’ll see by her guess, this week’s winner is already a big fan and her name is…

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67. 365 Barrington "Spot the Scarecrow" Contest

Barrington’s newest residents have inspired a new contest here at 365Barrington.com.  If you’ve driven through town lately, you’ve surely seen scarecrows hanging around on sidewalks and street corners.  It’s all for the Village of Barrington’s annual scarecrow design competition.  We’re getting in on the fun by teaming up with local businesses to host our first ever 365 Barrington Spot the Scarecrow contest and it’s easy to win.  All you have to do is guess where in Barrington the featured scarecrow is standing and you’ll be in the running to receive great prizes.  So here’s our first photo.  Have you spotted this scarecrow around town?

If you spend any time passing through downtown Barrington, chances are you’ve seen this guy hanging out on his bale of hay. But be careful! Don’t let the reflection fool you. A local business designed this straw fireman to pay tribute to the heroes of September 11th…

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66. "Welcome to the Jungle" Homecoming in Barrington

Barrington will be buzzing this weekend with all of the Homecoming activities planned and people in town for football & soccer games, high school reunions, parties, pep rallies, the Homecoming dance and tomorrow’s big parade.

Marching in the Barrington Homecoming Parade

The festivities are underway at Barrington High School today with Spirit Day and a pep assembly, the Filly football game kicks off tonight at 7 p.m. at Barrington Community Stadium and the school’s video department is playing a big role in revving students up for the weekend.  The theme for tomorrow night’s Homecoming Dance is Welcome to the Jungle and you can hear BHS students and staff talk about this year’s dance and share their favorite homecoming memories in the video below…

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65. Help Good Shepherd Hospital at Art in the Barn

If you’ve ever made a trip to Good Shepherd Hospital for medical needs, planned or unplanned, this is one weekend where you can return to repay the favor. The 37th Annual Art in the Barn juried fine art show is happening this Saturday and Sunday, September 24th and 25th. Over 175 artists will be there to sell their creations and share their earnings to help fund hospital initiatives designed to keep us healthy.

A group of 10 women organized the first Art in the Barn with only 30 artists in 1974 to help raise money to build the hospital here in Barrington. The show has grown and, this weekend, they’re expecting up to 7,000 people to attend.

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64. iCarnival25 – Grove School’s 25th Annual Carnival

It’s a good thing Barrington District 220 students are out of school for an Institute Day today because Grove Elementary’s 25th Annual Carnival starts at noon. They’re calling it “iCarnival25″ this year and I’m told it’s bigger and better than ever with more food, more rides, more games and great entertainment.

Grove Carnival in Barrington

Courtesy of Carnival Chair and Grove Mom, Cori Fiddes

Students had a chance to test some of the rides during the setup yesterday and they’re getting rave reviews this year!

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63. Jump out of an Airplane with the Golden Knights

She’s a mother of six. She’s an attorney. She’s Barrington’s Village President. And now Karen Darch and three other Barrington women can add “Daredevil” to their list of impressive titles. Karen was recently invited to jump out of an airplane with the U.S. Army Parachute Team, also known as the Golden Knights.  It was a first for Karen, but instead of shying away from the opportunity, she decided to take the leap.

Karen Darch Skydiving, Courtesy of The U.S. Army Golden Knights

Karen is one of four Barrington-area women who spent a day with the Golden Knights when they were in Chicago for the Air and Water Show.  The ladies went through two hours of training before jumping out of a plane at 12,500 feet and free falling at 120 miles per hour attached to one of the Army’s most experienced skydivers.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thrill that lasts about 90 seconds.  “You’re jumping out of a plane with someone you don’t know because you truly believe they know what they’re doing.  That is a credit to the army and their selection of the folks that make it to this level.”  Karen says she wasn’t nervous because her escort’s expertise was obvious.  “They were incredibly impressive, from their skill to their attention to detail. I have complete confidence in their abilities.”

Karen Darch Skydiving, Courtesy of The U.S. Army Golden Knights

Getting the invite to jump with the Golden Knight’s Tandem Team is quite an honor, shared by the likes of Geraldo Rivera, Chuck Norris, Bill Murray and local celebrities throughout America.  The mission?  To give people a chance to meet our country’s Airborne Soldiers and to spread the word about opportunities to serve. But the best part is that the guest jumpers get to add some pretty impressive photos and videos of their skydives to their family archives, like this awesome video of Harris Bank of Barrington VP, Ellaine Sambo Reyther who looks more like a stuntwoman here…

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62. Remember 9/11

A survivor who was in the Pentagon during the September 11th attacks shared his story in Barrington last week and the community hosted a beautiful memorial service on Sunday to mark the 10 year anniversary.

Remembering September Eleventh

Courtesy of Bob Lee

Families, veterans, police officers, firefighters, elected officials and others from the community gathered in the morning at Memorial Park to remember the attacks, honor the victims and thank those who have devoted their lives to defending our country.

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61. Barrington Memorial 10 Years After 9/11 Attacks

 When a big anniversary approaches, it’s impossible not to relive moments from the past, both good and bad. And emotions are definitely resurfacing as we approach tomorrow’s 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. With new terror threats and photos from the attacks on the news this week, I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling more emotional than I expected. A lot … Read more…

60. LeCompte/Kalaway Landowners Cup Polo Tournament

It’s September 10th, the sun is shining and it’s a great day for a polo tournament in Barrington Hills!  That’s exactly where thousands of people will be for the 7th annual LeCompte/Kalaway Landowners Cup.  It’s one of the coolest and most unique things happening in the Barrington area so, if you’re looking for something fun to do, why not load the family in the car and come check it out?

Photo Courtesy of Megan West

There will be much more than just polo to watch at the tournament today. You’ll see the Parade of Hounds, the Lake Run Clydesdales, the Stomping of the Divots and a Tailgate Competition. Plus, there will be prizes given to the ladies wearing the best hats, so this is a once-a-year experience that’s really special in the Barrington area and we have the full schedule of today’s events…

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59. Heinen’s Fine Foods Store to Open in Barrington

Staples office supply closed for business in Barrington this week but, as Alexander Graham Bell once said, “When one door closes, another opens.” Heinen’s Fine Foods, a Cleveland-based grocery business with 17 stores in Northeastern Ohio, announced today they’re opening their newest store in Barrington next summer. They’re moving into the space that Staples is leaving at the Shops at Flint Creek. Today I spoke with one of the two Heinan brothers who run the business to learn more about the store and their decision to choose Barrington.

Heinen's Store in Avon, Ohio

Heinen's Store in Avon, Ohio

The Barrington move is a bold step for the 82-year-old, family-owned company because it’s Heinen’s first venture outside Northeast Ohio. “It took us 82 years to get to 17 stores in Cleveland, so this is not about being big and fast. This is about being the best.” Jeff Heinen says their plan is that the Barrington location will be just the beginning of a multi-store expansion into Greater Chicagoland. “This will be a huge challenge for us and we’re not overconfident.”

The Heinen Brothers Expand their Family Grocery Business into Greater Chicagoland

Tom and Jeff Heinen

The Heinens say they’ve been considering a move to Barrington for quite some time. Village planners first reached out to the business about a move here in 2007 and the brothers came to town to tour the space last summer.  They considered two other locations, one in Lake Forest and one in another state, before deciding on Barrington.

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