102. Amaze Your Inbox with Our New Surprise-O-Grams

Would you like to receive an exciting dose of Barrington info emailed to you on a weekly(ish) basis? Starting today, we have a new way to help keep you informed about some of the coolest things happening in Barrington. But this is not your traditional email newsletter.  If you’ve visited 365 Barrington before, you know that we like to share stuff in unexpected ways. Mystery Photos, Top 10 Lists, People Profiles, Pop Quizzes, Exclusive Offers, Event Alerts, etc. are how we roll. When we get wind of something great happening in Barrington, we love to find fun ways to spread the word because, as someone’s momma once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

If you’d like to get 365 Barrington email updates about insider scoops and some of the hottest happenings in Barrington, please sign up using the form below so we know for sure that you want to be included.

Then sit back and be totally amazed when you see what happens next ;).  We’d love give you a clue, but we can’t.  We’re too busy making things up as we go here at 365Barrington.com to keep things unpredictable, on purpose.

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