Barrington Park District Shares Letters to Santa

There’s nothing quite like the excitement lighting up little faces as they awaken to Santa’s surprises on Christmas morning.

Our three kids are starting to ask questions about how Santa’s job is even possible, making me wonder if next Christmas will be a different experience. But their innocence, belief and sheer joy on December 25th sure make the holiday hustle and bustle worthwhile. Here’s a peek at our 6-year-old’s letter to St. Nick.

It always takes us a few days to recover after the month-long magic of Santa and his Elf on the Shelf accomplice. Our home is covered with Legos and the gifts of the season and I’m feeling the urge to remove all evidence of holiday decor to clean the slate for a new year. Does anyone else feel the same?

To avoid rushing the season in the post-Christmas chaos, we wanted to take one last look back at the excitement our youngest local residents experience in December. Enjoy these sweet letters Santa received this year by way of the Barrington Park District. We wish you simple joys and abundant blessings, even if that freshwater stingray and venus flytrap never made it under the tree on Christmas morning.

Located at 235 Lions Drive, the Barrington Park District seeks to enhance the quality of life and the environment; to acquire, conserve, and protect natural resources; and to provide health and recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities in our community. For more information about parks, facilities, events, fitness, athletic and aquatic programs, visit

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