361. Barrington Family Recipes: Nana’s Minestrone Soup

Post - Nana's Minestrone Soup - Featured
We have one more reader-submitted recipe to share for our Barrington Family Recipes contest and we saved this one for last because it’s a reminder of how much we love and miss family members who are no longer here to celebrate Christmas with us. Paula Voska from one of the two families that own ZaZa’s […]

359. Family Recipes Contest: Jay’s Creamy Gaaahlic Reds

Jason Richards' dad inspired his love for cooking
I’ve had some fun in the kitchen today preparing dishes for Christmas Eve and tomorrow’s Christmas Day feasts.  With my 5-year-old daughter Grace by my side, I was reminded of this next recipe submitted in our Barrington Family Recipes Contest.  Jason Richards lives in the Village of Barrington and he says he inherited his love […]

358. Recipes Contest: Julian Family’s “Roll-up Pancakes”

John Julian's "Roll-Up Pancakes"
Barrington attorney and father of three, John Julian, has a special skill in the kitchen.  Turns out, he’s a master at making crepes!  (Who knew?) Over the years, the process has become a favorite Julian family activity and, today, John is sharing his crepes recipe with us for our Barrington Family Recipes contest. We’ve been […]

356. Family Recipes Contest: Karen Russell’s Reunion Cake

Post - Karen Russell's Reunion Cake - 7
With Christmas just days away, chances are you’re planning to reunite with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while.  So it’s the perfect time to share Karen Russell’s Reunion Cake, a recipe she learned from her Aunt Emiline and shared with us for our Barrington Family Recipes Contest.  Karen, by the way, is an artist […]

352. Family Recipes: Michelle Van Loon’s Moroccan Chicken with Lemon and Olives

Michelle Van Loon's Moroccan Chicken with Lemon and Olives
The star of our family dinner tonight is one of the latest entries we received in our Barrington Family Recipes contest. This one is called Michelle Van Loon’s Moroccan Chicken with Lemon and Olives and our house is filled with the most delicious aromas after cooking this dish.  With garlic, olives, raisins and cinnamon tucked […]

327. Tasty Tuesday Inspires New Family Recipes in Barrington

Post - Lisa Olszewski's Brussels Sprouts Salad
The Tasty Tuesday initiative in Barrington 220 elementary schools is inspiring parents to incorporate the featured ingredient of the month into more of their recipes at home.  I know our family will be preparing more meals in the weeks ahead with Clementines, December’s Tasty Tuesday featured food of the month.  As part of the Tasty […]

324. Family Recipes: Christine Stofan’s Irish Soda Bread

Christine Stofan's Irish Soda Bread - Photographed by Sally Roeckell
I’ve always wanted to make homemade Irish Soda Bread and finally found a recipe I’m going to try thanks to a reader taking part in our Family Recipes contest here at 365Barrington.com.  This is not just any ordinary Irish Soda Bread.  Oh no.  This is Christine Stofan’s Irish Soda Bread and it’s a holiday favorite […]

315. “Good Eats with Gaul” Goes Behind the Scenes at Meatheads Burgers

"Good Eats with Gaul" host Alex Gaul Profiles Meatheads Burgers in Barrington
Barrington High School Freshman, Alex Gaul, is the personality behind a new video series about dining in Barrington called “Good Eats with Gaul”. Alex produced, hosted and just debuted the first video as an assignment for BHS-TV and takes us behind the scenes to talk with the chef as he cooks up a diner favorite […]

314. Barrington Family Recipes Contest: Kristin Smith’s Family Fall Pasta

Kristin Smith's "Family Fall Pasta" - Photographed by Sally Roeckell
Since Thanksgiving is just days away, it’s time to start sharing the recipes we’ve been receiving in our Barrington Family Recipes contest here at 365Barrington.com.  We’ve been collecting recipes from our readers since September and have been busy – behind the scenes – taking beautiful photographs of each dish. We have seven generous gift card […]

309. Tom Heinen’s Favorites for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Turkey
It’s crunch time at Heinen’s grocery store in Barrington with associates happily working overtime to provide all of the foods we could possibly need for this year’s Thanksgiving feasts.  The store’s fresh turkeys are arriving this week and Heinen’s chefs are busy making an array of delicious Thanksgiving side dishes and holiday desserts.  They’ve planned […]

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