278. Wendy Paulson’s Birds of Barrington: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

 Most of the neo-tropical migrants, long-distance fliers that spend the non-breeding season in Central or South America, have left the Barrington area by October. But migration still continues, dominated by migrants which make shorter flights to their wintering grounds in the southern part of this country and places just beyond. One such bird to keep alert for in October is ... Read more...

248. Birds of Barrington: The Call of the Killdeer

 Thinking of the Midwest and its birds, one does not readily envision shorebirds, those species generally associated with coastal beaches. But every August and September, many shorebirds that have nested in the Arctic refuel on the margins of Midwestern lakes and rivers. Among them is a sort of inland shorebird – an oxymoron but as good a description as any: ... Read more...

199. Wendy Paulson’s Birds of Barrington: Eastern Kingbird

 Tyrannus tyrannus is the Latin name for the eastern kingbird. The bird lives up to its name. It aggressively defends its territory, even against hawks and other birds much larger than itself. I’ll never forget my husband’s report of being mercilessly attacked by a kingbird – the tyrant! – every time he parked his car near a young tree where ... Read more...

153. Wendy Paulson’s Birds of Barrington: Baltimore Oriole

 Many friends have told me this spring of seeing a neon orange bird flying from tree to tree in their yards: a Baltimore Oriole on the wing. Many also have reported Orioles at their feeders. My mother-in-law, who puts out orange halves every spring to entice Orioles to her backyard, has watched as many as eight at one time feasting ... Read more...

89. Birds of Barrington with Wendy Paulson: Eastern Meadowlark, the Flautist of Prairies

 Editors Note:  Wendy Paulson’s first Barrington bird hike of this spring is coming up at Ron Beese Park at 8 a.m. this Friday, April 4th.  See below for link to Wendy’s full spring bird hike schedule and details. Eastern Meadowlark, the Flautist of Prairies – by Wendy Paulson with Citizens for Conservation One of the grassland melodies I most look ... Read more...

66. Birds of Barrington with Wendy Paulson: Northern Cardinal

 If there is any songbird that consistently arrests attention, especially in a winter landscape, it would be the northern cardinal. The brilliant crimson plumage of the male makes even those little interested in birds take notice. In fact, it’s perhaps mostly the non-birders who are most enthusiastic observers of cardinals; they, along with birders visiting from other countries, take note ... Read more...

64. Barrington Spring Bird Walks with Wendy Paulson

 A true harbinger of spring arrived in my email inbox today when Citizens for Conservation sent this year’s schedule of Barrington Spring Bird Walks and Hikes led by area naturalist and birder, Wendy Paulson. Co-sponsored by Audobon Chicago Region and Citizens for Conservation, these bird walks are a great way to get to know nearby nature with Wendy who is ... Read more...

36. Birds of Barrington: The Black-Capped Chickadee

 Cross-country skiing on the first day of February in a local forest preserve, I brightened at the call of a black-capped chickadee: chick-a-dee-dee-dee. It’s a call that delights both adults and children. The chickadee says its name! The black-capped chickadee is a year-round resident of Barrington. Despite its diminutive size of about five inches in length and less than half ... Read more...

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