Barrington Area Spring Bird Walks & Hikes with Wendy Paulson

 The early birds have been singing again and that can only mean one thing. It’s about time for the return of Wendy Paulson’s Barrington Area Spring Bird Walks & Hikes! Hot off the presses, we just received the schedule from Wendy featuring upcoming dates when you can join her to learn about the birds living in the Barrington area. A ... Read more...

Birds of Barrington with Wendy Paulson | American Tree Sparrow

 Recent spells of arctic weather have left many of our natural areas seemingly bereft of birdlife. Except for a crow here and a red-tailed hawk there, it appeared that most birds in the Barrington area had either flown away or were hanging around bird feeders. But there is one songbird species that I have consistently encountered, even on walks on ... Read more...

Everyday Moms | Meet New 365Barrington Contributor, Courtney Glantz

 Alright friends, time for a little twist on our Everyday Moms series, where we feature a weekly peek inside the inspiring lives of real-life, hard-working moms I admire. With requests coming in for me to answer my own questions (tricky tricky!) along with partnering up with 365 Barrington, I thought it would be a better way to introduce myself as ... Read more...

Cooking with Heinen’s | Curried Butternut Squash Soup

 Are you looking for a quick 30 minute easy dinner idea that will warm your soul on a cool fall day, made with simple, wholesome ingredients from Heinen’s Grocery? The minute the temps drop I just cant shake the idea of soup. With squash in season and abundant it seems logical to focus on butternut squash. The flavors and texture ... Read more...

Cooking with Heinens | Roasted Chicken, Three Ways

 Starting with one simple recipe we’re creating three delicious meals for your busy week. Roasted Chicken Three Ways. Your gang won’t get tired of chicken by having it three times in one week because each dish is so unique.  We’re starting with Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Sage. You could just buy a ready-roasted chicken, but roasting your own is better in ... Read more...

Birds of Barrington with Wendy Paulson: Bold & Blue

 On a recent bird walk at Beverly Lake in Spring Creek Forest Preserve, our group stood for several minutes in the parking lot, transfixed by a river of blue jays passing overhead. They just kept coming and coming and we continued to see bands of them in flight throughout the walk. September is a month for blue jays. It’s not ... Read more...

Birds of Barrington with Wendy Paulson: American Goldfinch

 For most birds that spend the summer in our area, August is a relatively quiet month. Courtship, nest building, incubation, chick-raising are finished chapters in the annual cycle. It’s a time to ensure that the next generation is finding its way in nature, as adults and offspring will separate soon, probably forever. But there is one local species that starts ... Read more...

Heinen’s 4PM Panic: Kiss Melon Grilled Cheese with Chorizo & Arugula

 When I recently discovered Kiss Melons in Heinen’s produce department, I was inspired to come up with something new. I’ve made melon salads and melon balls wrapped in prosciutto. But for this week’s Heinen’s 4PM Panic post, I decided to add Kiss Melon to turn a classic grilled cheese sandwich into a new taste sensation. I’m going to ask you to ... Read more...

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