285. Get Growing: Waste-Free Initiatives Gaining Momentum in Barrington

 Farmers are highly attuned to food waste, whether it be from surplus harvests to failed harvests. For many small farms, creating one’s own composting system is often the way to go. Utilizing crops for their organic material as they breakdown creates an in-house way of making ones very own nutrient rich, organic soil and it reduces the amount going into ... Read more...

237. Get Growing: Wine and Bees with The Gentleman Farmer

 Farmers in the Midwest have had two extreme weather scenarios to deal with this season. The rainy spring persisted through mid-July and caused, to many fields, flooding, ten-foot tall weeds, and crops that have been late to mature as the temperatures were just not hot enough. Now into August, we are experiencing drought-like conditions with any substantial rainfall happening once ... Read more...

201. Get Growing: Gentleman Farmer’s Family Goes Glamping

 Glamping, a portmanteau blending the words glamor and camping, has become a rather popular alternative to the traditional concept of this favorite summer pastime.  My family and I were recently visiting relatives in England and spent four nights glamping at Manor Farm in Jane Austen’s county of Hampshire.   I felt like a true pioneer woman cooking over a wood ... Read more...

182. Get Growing with Jessica Green: Weeds, Worker Bees & the Weekly Harvest

 Now that we’ve officially kicked off The Gentleman Farmer’s produce pickup season, I’ll be back to share regular updates about farming, food and family in our Get Growing series at 365Barrington.com. The Gentleman Farmer’s official 2015 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) season started off with a bang with the Annual Hands of Hope Barrington Country Garden & Antique Faire. We were ... Read more...

260. Get Growing: Local Farmers Share the Harvest to Celebrate Community

 One of the most rewarding parts of coming back to Barrington to raise our family and support our business, The Gentleman Farmer, has been seeing community members embrace a movement Dominic and I are not only passionate about, but have decided to make our livelihood: sustainable farming. The enthusiasm for educating the community about local food while helping those in ... Read more...

244. Gentleman Farmer’s Guide to Choosing Healthy Eggs

 It’s Farmers Market day in Barrington!  This week’s featured highlights include a performance by Frank Badot, “the best chocolate and caramel sauces you will ever taste” from Grown-up Kid Stuff plus an amazin’ corn children’s activity at 3:30.  Jessica Green of The Gentleman Farmer says we’re going to love this week’s harvest from their Barrington Hills farm so be sure ... Read more...

222. Get Growing: Barrington Farmer’s Market Etiquette

 The season’s brightest colors are starting to emerge as produce like freshly harvested tomatoes, red spring onions and peppers return to the Barrington Farmer’s Market.  The 2014 market is open from 2 to 7 p.m. every Thursday through October 16th.  Be sure to stop by and say hi to Barrington’s own Dominic & Jessica Green of The Gentleman Farmer when ... Read more...

180. “Get Growing” with Jessica Green: It Takes a Village

 A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Jessica Green, our latest community contributor here at 365Barrington.com.  Today, we’re giving her new series a name.  Jessica and her husband Dominic run The Gentleman Farmer, a CSA program based on their Barrington Hills family farm.  Be sure to watch for Jessica’s latest posts here at 365Barrington.com about farming, gardening, food and ... Read more...

163. A Gentleman Farmer Father’s Day

 We’re excited to introduce a new voice here at 365Barrington.com.  Jessica Green of The Gentleman Farmer grew up in Barrington Hills.  Just this week, she and her husband Dominic moved their young family from Chicago to a new home in Barrington to focus on growing The Gentleman Farmer, the local farm and Veggie CSA they run as a family.  Over ... Read more...

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