I Love You Man: ‘Bromances’ May Be Good for Men’s Health

Bromances can have a positive effect on men’s health, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of California, Berkley found that close but nonsexual friendships between two men, known as “bromances”, have similar health benefits as romantic relationships, especially when it comes to dealing with stress. The study observed male rats kept in the same cage and found ... Read more...

Barrington Health: Negative thoughts toward aging can affect your health, cognition

We all grow old, but our mood can affect our quality of life in our senior years, according to a recent study. Research from the Irish Longitudinal Study on Aging at Trinity College in Dublin revealed that older adults with negative thoughts toward aging have slower walking speed and decreased cognitive abilities, compared to older adults with an optimistic viewpoint. ... Read more...

Local Businesses Share Tips for Healthy Living During Heinen’s Grocery Wellness Fair

We picked up some great ideas for a healthy start to the new year thanks to the store-wide Wellness Fair Heinen’s Grocery hosted on Saturday. Local health-minded businesses and food vendors were there to share their knowledge for a renewed focus on healthy foods, products and overall wellness in 2016. When it comes to healthy eating, a representative from I ... Read more...

Barrington Health: New Study Highlights Downside of Working from Home

Telecommuting, also known as working from home, may create a lonely environment for the people who work in the office, according to a recent study. Many businesses offer telecommuting as a work-life bonus, allowing employees to spend time with their loved ones and have more control of their schedules. Working from home also saves companies money and allows them to employ people ... Read more...

Heinen’s Grocery to Host Store-wide Wellness Fair Saturday, January 16

Heinen’s Grocery, our go-to local resource for the freshest foods, is hosting a store-wide Wellness Fair from noon to 4 p.m. this Saturday, January 16th. Local health-minded businesses and food vendors will be there to share their knowledge for a renewed focus on healthy foods, products and overall wellness in 2016. Local wellness and health-minded businesses like Diegnan Family Chiropractic, ... Read more...

Barrington Health: Oprah Winfrey Taps into the Emotional Side of Weight Loss

Oprah Winfrey is the influential face of a new Weight Watchers program that encourages a more active lifestyle rather than focusing on weight loss alone. A part owner of Weight Watchers, the media mogul is using her famous personal connection with people to promote the weight loss company’s “Beyond the Scale” initiative. She’s also participating in the program. “Staying fit ... Read more...

346. Barrington Health: The Health Benefits of Cranberries

Canned, raw, dried, as a sauce or even as a drink – cranberries come in many different forms, and as the holidays approach, cranberries have become a dinnertime staple for many families. Cranberries are often called a “superfruit” due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content. They also offer natural remedies for treating various health conditions. Studies have found them to be ... Read more...

313. Barrington Health: Friendships Lead to Longer, More Fulfilled Lives

A study from Brigham Young University suggests adding social relationships to the “short list” of factors that predict a person’s odds of living or dying. BYU professors Julianne Holt-Lunstad and Timothy Smith reported that social connections – friends, family, neighbors or colleagues – improve the odds of survival by 50 percent. Researchers analyzed data from 148 previously published studies that measured frequency of ... Read more...

305. Barrington Health: Can Breast Reduction Surgery Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer?

A breast reduction procedure is often thought of as risky, but it can be a safe and an effective operation for diminishing any pain in the neck or back caused by large breasts. This procedure not only helps get rid of neck, back or shoulder pain, it has other benefits as well, including better posture and improved quality of life. ... Read more...

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