337. Heinen’s 4PM Panic: Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes Starring Five Simple Ingredients

 With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I thought it would be fitting to offer simple recipes for a few elegant side dishes to take some of the panic out of preparing your holiday feast. This week’s 4PM Panic post features my favorite dishes that make Thanksgiving dinner less daunting, inspired by five festive ingredients. 1. Cranberries There has always been a debate ... Read more...

332. Heinens 4PM Panic: Fresh Pasta in a Pinch

 I realize that this is the second week in a row that I have featured pasta for our Heinen’s 4PM Panic series.  The reality is that, sometimes, when 4 PM rolls around and I’ve been consumed by my day, I find myself with no plans or time for dinner and boiling water is the best I can do. Today, I’m ... Read more...

327. Heinen’s 4PM Panic: Lemon Pepper Fettuccine

 I have recently taken on a project that has me working outside my home full time.  So this means, when I’m writing my Heinen’s 4PM Panic post, you can be assured that it is tried and tested.  I roll in about 6pm and am faced with a hungry crew.  This week I’m featuring Lemon Pepper Fettuccine.  It’s meatless but you ... Read more...

321. Heinen’s 4PM Panic: Easy Beef & Veggie Kabobs

 Our Heinen’s “4PM Panic“ series features dishes that take the stress out of weekday meal preparation and this week’s recipe is easier than any other in the series so far. Knowing that I would be strapped for time but wanting a good meal for my family, I stopped by Heinen’s to see what they had in their meat department already ... Read more...

314. Heinen’s 4PM Panic: Simple Whole Red Snapper with Israeli Couscous & Roasted Vegetable Salad

 Surprisingly easy and shockingly impressive, I don’t think many people appreciate just how simple cooking a whole fish is. Your Family will think that you went to culinary school. You can just giggle and know that dinner took no time and there was no panic. Heinen’s “4PM Panic“ series is all about dishes that take the stress out of weekday ... Read more...

296. Heinen’s 4PM Panic: Chuck Roast Carnitas Pizza

 When the work can be done ahead of time,  making dinner a quick assemble and 15-minute bake, it’s a winner. This is when that “4PM Panic” gets put in its place because you’re ahead with everything ready to go. For me, Chuck Roast Carnitas Pizza is just that kind of recipe. Carnitas translates to small meats. This cracks me up ... Read more...

271. Heinen’s 4PMPanic: Fisherman’s Soup

 The late days of summer are perfect for outdoor dining and the sweet taste of the season’s seafood. For this week’s Heinen’s 4PM Panic we took advantage of both in this simple Fisherman’s soup. You can use any firm white fish.  Halibut works great but in this pot I used cod.  That’s the beauty of fish soup, you can change ... Read more...

260. Heinen’s 4PM Panic: Hatch Chile & Pancetta Quiche Plus Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce

 With cooler weather on the horizon, I’m taking full advantage of one of late summer’s fresh harvests by cooking with the beautiful Hatch Chile Peppers I picked up at Heinen’s Grocery this week.  You’ll definitely find me picking up more peppers during Heinen’s New Mexico Hatch Chile Roast this week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Located right in the middle ... Read more...

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