Safety Town - Barrington Junior Womens Club

20. Sign up for Safety Town

 It has become a summer right of passage for 5 and 6-year-olds in Barrington. “Safety Town” is where kids go to learn the most important lessons to...

Pinstripes Goose Island Bowling League

19. Join a Pinstripes Bowling League

 If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to join a bowling league, now’s your chance. Pinstripes Bowling, Bocce and Bistro at the Arboretum of South...

Catlow Theater in Barrington, Illinois

18. Experience the Catlow Theater

 Downtown Barrington may not be a big place, but there’s one place that defines its skyline like no other.  From first dates to favorite movies, the historic...

Home Show at the Lake Barrington Field House

17. Check out the "Home Show"

 Does your house need a little sprucing up this Spring? Want to get some great ideas to remodel, repair and improve your property? The Lake...

Penny Road Pub

16. Rock the Penny Road Pub

 Someone wise once said, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” If this home-made sign is the Penny Road Pub’s cover, it bears no...

Barrington Dressed up Dogs

13. Hire the Dog Photog

 Did you know there’s a dog photographer based right here in Barrington? Her name is Jennifer Schoonmaker and she runs a pet photography studio out...

Cardinal on Birdfeeder

11. Feather up Your Birdhouse

 One of the nicest things about the return of spring, in my opinion, is the sound of early birds in the morning. After a long...

Bobu San at Naomi Sushi

10. Try Some Serious Sushi

 Because I’ve have had two babies in the past three years, I’ve become a bit of a stranger to sushi. You’re not supposed to eat...

Joe Rosenbloom

9. Flamenco Date Night

 I’m only nine days in to “365 Things to do in and Around Barrington,” and I’m discovering that the Barrington Area Library is quite the...

Kidz Parties Plus More

8. Plan Your Next Party

 Here’s a great way to host a birthday party that doesn’t involve any prep work or cleanup at home.  There’s a place in the Ice...

Barrington Smart Farm

7. Grow a Garden to Give Back

 There’s a movement underway in Barrington that’s been building for the past year.  The leaders are a group of local gardening experts and enthusiasts who are using...

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