Joe Rosenbloom

9. Flamenco Date Night

 I’m only nine days in to “365 Things to do in and Around Barrington,” and I’m discovering that the Barrington Area Library is quite the...

Kidz Parties Plus More

8. Plan Your Next Party

 Here’s a great way to host a birthday party that doesn’t involve any prep work or cleanup at home.  There’s a place in the Ice...

Barrington Smart Farm

7. Grow a Garden to Give Back

 There’s a movement underway in Barrington that’s been building for the past year.  The leaders are a group of local gardening experts and enthusiasts who are using...

Professional Baseball Instruction of Illinois

5. Go to Baseball School

 With the White Sox home opener happening in Chicago this afternoon, baseball is back on the minds of many looking to play ball this Spring and Summer. ...

Doggie Easter Egg Hunt

3. Put Your Pooch on Parade

  Don’t leave Fido out of your Easter Plans this year. The Arboretum is hosting our furry friends this morning, Saturday, April 3rd. Put your...

Fish Monger

2. Visit a Fishmonger on Good Friday

  Barrington Fishmonger, John Lunde, has been helping people celebrate Good Friday and the end of Lent since his family purchasd Entertaining Tuna almost twenty years...

1. Start a Blog for April Fools

 For me, April First typically comes and goes each year without the tiniest trick. Somehow planning April Fools Day pranks never makes my to-do list....

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