328. Barrington Crime Scene Investigators Class

Barrington Crime Scene Investigators Class

You’ve seen it on TV. The crime happens, the evidence is collected and the crime is solved, all within an hour! Let’s face it. The TV version of CSI doesn’t quite paint an accurate picture of a true crime scene investigator. But you can see, first-hand, how the pros solve crimes by signing up for a brand new class being offered by the Barrington Park District.

Barrington Crime Scene Investigators Class

“CSI Barrington” classes are offered for adults and teens and start next week on Monday, February 28th.

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299. Preschool 101 at the Barrington Area Library

Preschool Open Houst at the Barrington Area Library

When you’re new to being a mom like I am, there’s a lot to learn about getting your kids started in school.  Sometimes it’s overwhelming. From traditional preschools, to the Park District to Montessori classes, Barrington offers many choices for preschool and the Barrington Area Library is helping make those decisions easier by hosting a Preschool Enrichment Fair tomorrow night.

Preschool Open Houst at the Barrington Area Library

There will be representatives at the library from 22 area preschools from 6:30 to 8PM on Tuesday, January 25th. They’ll be there to answer all of your questions about things like registration, class size and the average day for students.

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252. Learn to Speak Chinese in Barrington’s Schools

School District 220 Accepts $1.5 Million Chinese Language Grant

Last night, School District 220 gave us all a new reason to celebrate the benefits of living  here in Barrington.  The school board voted to accept a $1.5 Million 5-year federal grant that will fund Chinese language instruction in grades kindergarten through 5.  That makes District 220 the ONLY SCHOOL DISTRICT IN ILLINOIS to receive federal funding this year for Chinese curriculum. As the mother of two young children in Barrington and as a Realtor who helps people buy and sell homes here, I think this news is totally 真棒!

School District 220 Accepts $1.5 Million Chinese Language Grant

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202. Opening Day at the New Early Learning Center

First Day of School at the Early Learning Center

This is an exciting day in Barrington because School District 220’s new Early Learning Center officially opened its doors to students for the first day of school this morning. The brand new school is a state-of-the-art, 38,000 square foot facility designed especially for special needs students age three to five years old. It’s the first new school to open in Barrington District 220 since 2002, and we’re all invited to check out the new school at an open house tonight.

First Day of School at the Early Learning Center

District 220’s chief communications officer, Dr. Jeff Arnett, was at the school bright and early this morning snapping photos of opening day.

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157. Give Kids the Gift of Kindermusik

Kids Learn Songs with Kindermusik

 I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I feel pangs of guilt every day because I’ve been known to let my two babies watch cartoons while I slip aside to check emails, return phone calls and, yes, even write posts right here on this blog. I admit, it feels wrong. But I … Read more…

144. Grow Little Readers at Learning Trek

Get Kids Reading Early at Learning Trek

 My oldest child is about to turn two and there are a lot of things I’m still learning about being a mom. In the coming year, we have to tackle things like potty training, transitioning to a “big girl” bed and getting those shoes on the right feet.  The owner of “Learning Trek Academy” in Barrington … Read more…

128. Anna Shea Chocolate Making Classes

Chocolate Making Classes at Anna Shea

 Have you ever seen chocolate so exquisite, it looks more like art than food? There’s a chocolate factory in South Barrington that not only produces these bite-sized beauties, starting tonight, they’ll be teaching classes on how to make them. These are the first chocolate making classes being offered at Anna Shea Chocolates since they opened at … Read more…

115. TT Patton to the Rescue

TT Patton, The Art of Fine Writing

 For me, one of the hardest things about being self-employed is knowing when to step away from work. But there are a few times each year that I devote to my family and this next week is one of them.  I’m taking time off to spend time with my peeps and I found a great person to … Read more…

110. Barrington Home Shoppe Tapas Tasting

Tapas Tasting and Demonstration in Barrington, Illinois

 I’ve always wanted to host a tapas dinner party at home, but I have yet to learn how to prepare any of my tapas favorites in my own kitchen. This week, I have found a fun way to figure that out! There’s a tapas and sangria-making demonstration and tasting taking place tomorrow night at the … Read more…

86. Sign Up for Summer GLEE Camp

Summer Glee Camp with the Barrington Performing Artz Center

 Ever since the show, Glee, debuted on Fox a year ago, the idea of being in a high school choir has taken on a whole new meaning. Gone are the days of stiff, tuxedo-clad kids singing in unison. Today’s version of the “Glee Club” is hipper, cooler and a whole lot more fun. And that’s … Read more…