Snow and Football on Thanksgiving

239. Celebrate a Barrington Thanksgiving

 As I promised, I’ve been compiling a list of favorite Thanksgiving traditions and reasons to be thankful this year in Barrington. I didn’t meet my goal of polling 30 people. But I made it to 15 and, for that, I am thankful, kind of like making it Halfway to Hana! Of all the “favorite traditions” I heard this month, the most popular ways ... Read more...

Cooking with Erin Bailey

237. Garnish Your Holiday Table Like Chef Erin Bailey

 Sometimes little details can add a world of elegance to your Thanksgiving table. That’s what Barrington chef, Erin Bailey says. And, when it comes to cooking, Erin’s a local expert. She’s a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Paris Culinary Arts School in France and, for years, she ran La Pomme de Pin, a specialty foods market and catering business she started ... Read more...

Deer Park mall Holiday Gift Card Giveaway

236. Free Money at Deer Park Town Center

 OK…so maybe it’s not actually free MONEY, but it’s the next best thing. Deer Park Town Center will be giving away free Gift Cards the morning after Thanksgiving  to reward the early-bird shoppers on Black Friday. All you have to do is roll out of bed early on Friday and plan a morning (or a whole day) of exershopping to burn off those Turkey ... Read more...

Managing the Cuba Township Food Pantry

235. Help Replenish Dwindling Food Pantry Supplies

 The grocery stores will be packed this week with people pushing baskets overflowing with all the fixins for Thanksgiving dinner. It’ll be hectic, it’ll be crazy and the cash registers will be working overtime. But there’s a growing group of Barrington families who won’t be making that big trip to the grocery store because times are really tight this year. ... Read more...

High Chair Baby

234. Have a Talk with a 10-Month-Old

 I sat my son down the other day and we had a talk. It was right after he got the best of a kiwi. I told him, “Baby, I know you’re just a baby, but there’s something very important that I want you to remember when you grow up.” He blew a few bubbles, made a goofy face and then ... Read more...

Skates the Chicago Wolves Mascot

233. New Skating Plaza Opening in South Barrington!

 I have a bad habit of overusing exclamation points, but today, I simply HAD to put one in our title! Because, one week from today, the area’s only Open-Air Skating Rink will be opening for business in South Barrington. They’re busy setting it up at the South Barrington Arboretum and there are two big events tied to the outdoor “Skating Plaza’s” grand opening ... Read more...

Cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey

232. Talk Turkey on “National Thaw Day”

 Did you know that today is a holiday? Yes. It is. The Thursday before Thanksgiving every year is called “National Thaw Day”. It’s the day you’re supposed to take your frozen turkey out of the freezer and put it in the fridge so it’s sufficiently defrosted and ready to be cooked on Thanksgiving. I’m not writing this because I’m an ... Read more...

Gobbler Gallop in South Barrington

228. Sign Up for the South Barrington Gobbler Gallop

 South Barrington is continuing a brand new tradition by hosting the second annual “Gobbler Gallop” one week from today on Sunday, November 21st. The 5K run and 1 mile walk is a great way to kick off the Thanksgiving season because you’ll be helping two important causes AND get a great workout at the same time.

Citizens for Conservation Fundraiser at Norge Ski Club

227. Pre-holiday Stress Buster at Norge Ski Lodge

 Now here’s a cozy way to kick off the holiday shopping season! Citizens for Conservation is hosting party tomorrow, November 14th, where you can shop for gifts, play Texas Hold’em, sip fine wines, sample great foods and socialize with friends alongside a roaring fire at Norge Ski Club. The dress code is casual, but ski sweaters are encouraged and we’re all ... Read more...

Skull Lollipop at Anna Shea Chocolates

211. Bubbles, Bon Bons & Brie

 Earlier this week I promised that I’d follow up with some fun Halloween activities going on this weekend for adults in Barrington and there’s one event happening tomorrow night that sounds simply sinful.  It’s called “Bubbles, Bon Bons and Brie” and you’re going to DIE when you hear the details. Skull Lollipop anyone?

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