233. New Skating Plaza Opening in South Barrington!

Skates the Chicago Wolves Mascot

I have a bad habit of overusing exclamation points, but today, I simply HAD to put one in our title! Because, one week from today, the area’s only Open-Air Skating Rink will be opening for business in South Barrington. They’re busy setting it up at the South Barrington Arboretum and there are two big events tied to the outdoor “Skating Plaza’s” grand opening next weekend. The first is an appearance by “Skates”, the Chicago Wolves Mascot.

Skates the Chicago Wolves Mascot

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159. Barrington Hills Polo Part II

Playing Polo in Barrington Hills

There’s a certain mystique about the sport of polo that has always made me curious, especially since it’s played right here in Barrington. So I recently stopped by the Barrington Hills Polo Club’s Oakwood Farms field to check out a scrimmage, learn more about the sport and meet some local players. My husband, two kids and I pulled our car into the farm’s drive and right on up to the side of the field where the players’ families were parked and out picnicking. It was a regular Saturday morning scrimmage, it was a beautiful day and I was struck by how much these players seemed to love the open space, fresh air and the thrill of their fast-paced sport.

Playing Polo in Barrington Hills

One of the greatest things about the Barrington Hills Polo Club is that…

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128. Anna Shea Chocolate Making Classes

Chocolate Making Classes at Anna Shea

 Have you ever seen chocolate so exquisite, it looks more like art than food? There’s a chocolate factory in South Barrington that not only produces these bite-sized beauties, starting tonight, they’ll be teaching classes on how to make them. These are the first chocolate making classes being offered at Anna Shea Chocolates since they opened at … Read more…

75. Make a Tee Time at Makray

Golfing at Makray in Barrington

 We’re on day 75 here at 365Barrington.com and I think it’s about time we start talking about Barrington’s golf community. There are six golf courses in Barrington, but only one of them is a public course and that’s Makray Memorial Golf Club. Makray is a premier 18-hole championship caliber course with 7,000 yards, four sets … Read more…

62. Rockstar 101

Consolidated Music of Barrington's Rockstar 101

 The sound man checks the mics. The audience anxiously fills the room. You’re backstage dressed in your skinny jeans and grungy t-shirt, feeling the pre-performance energy and waiting for your cue. You grab your guitar and take the stage. You’re a rockstar. And this is not your wildest dream. It’s Rockstar 101! Consolidated Music of … Read more…