73. Welcome Home a Wounded Soldier

US Army Sergeant Nick Bender's Barrington Homecoming

A 1998 Barrington High School graduate and US Army Sergeant who was recently wounded in Afghanistan is returning to Barrington today and we’re all invited to help celebrate his surprise homecoming.  Sergeant Nick Bender was injured on the morning of April 15th. He has been recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC. Sgt. […]

71. Dollar Subs at Jimmy John’s!!!

Dollar Subs at Jimmy Johns

Holy Totally Tuna! They’re lining up at the Jimmy John’s for lunch today in Barrington. That’s because the “World’s Greatest Gourmet Sandwich” shop is serving up dollar sub sandwiches for customer appreciation day. But you’d better hurry up. This one-day-only dollar sub opportunity only lasts until 3 this afternoon. Their #1 through #6 sandwiches plus […]

70. Watch the Hawks Win at Wool Street

At the Bar at Wool Street

Tonight could be the night the Chicago Blackhawks take home the Stanley Cup with game six against the Flyers in Philadelphia. Now who wants to watch history in the making alone on your couch at home? (ok, I’ve been known to do that)  But one of THE places to be to celebrate a hopeful Hawks […]

65. Feast at Frantonio’s Italian Deli

Franco Bruno at Frantonio's in Barrington, Illinois

Some of the best places to eat are the ones that have been made popular, not by fancy marketing or splashy signs, but by word of mouth. They serve food so tasty, it gets people talking. In fact, someone I know through Facebook recommended I write about Frantonio’s Italian Deli and Cafe here at 365Barrington.com. […]

59. Memorial Weekend Block Party

South Barrington Arboretum Memorial Weekend Block Party

There’s a whole lot going on in Barrington today, including the big “Memorial Weekend Block Party” taking place at The Arboretum of South Barrington. They have activities for the whole family planned for the whole day, starting at 9AM and ending with a live performance of the “10,000 Maniacs” on the main stage at 8:30 […]

58. Get to Know Artist Jim Root

Dory Sunset by Barrington Hills Artist James Root

The best thing about writing this blog is having an excuse to pick up the phone and call people.  This website is far from fancy, but it is one way to strike up a conversation and get to know neighbors who live right here in Barrington, like artist Jim Root.  Jim moved to Barrington Hills 23 […]

51. Learn to Write Your Own Songs

Singer Songwriter John Hegner

My husband and I like to play our guitars together, when we have the time. Occasionally, on vacation, we dabble with writing our own songs. But the best we’ve ever come up with is a childrens’ tune that HE composed called “The Land of the Coconuts”. This endeavor went horribly wrong when I told him, in a […]

48. 2-Buck Burger Tuesdays at Pinstripes

$2 Burger Tuesdays at Pinstripes

It’s National Hamburger Month and Pinstripes in South Barrington is celebrating by offering their signature burgers for only $2 today and every Tuesday this month. The Pinstripes signature “Sirloin Burger” is topped with Provolone Cheese, Iceberg Lettuce, Pesto Tomato and Cippollini Mayo and typically costs $9. But guests who are bowling or playing bocce will […]

47. Make Friends with the Ice Cream Man

Ice Cream at Kaleidoscoops in Barrington

Last night my husband and I decided to take our kids on a stroll to our neighborhood ice cream shop. It was meant to be a quick excursion, but turned out to be one of our baby girl’s “firsts”. We stepped up to the counter at Kaleidoscoops on Main Street and placed our order, planning […]

46. Catch Up at The Canteen Restaurant

Barrington's Canteen Restaurant and Pancake House

If you’d like to digest a little history with your Sunday brunch, grab a table at Barrington mainstay, The Canteen Restaurant and Pancake House. “The Canteen” has been serving up great food since it opened its doors at the end of World War II, back in 1945, and they still pack the house today for […]

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