41. Karaoke Idol Contest at McGonigal’s Pub

Karaoke Idol at McGonigals Pub

There’s a Karaoke showdown underway in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs and tonight is the night for Barrington to take the lead.  If you or anyone you know can carry a note and put on a show, come on over to McGonigal’s Pub on Cook Street tonight.  You’ll have a chance to take the stage and compete […]

36. Share a Giant Burger at The Lucky Monk

Lucky Monk Burger, Pizza and Beer Company in South Barrington

May isn’t just a month for graduations and Mother’s Day, did you know it’s National Burger Month, too?  Well the people over at the Lucky Monk Burger, Pizza and Beer Company in South Barrington do and they’re getting ready to serve up one super-sized sandwich. In celebration of National Burger Month and the premiere of […]

35. Celebra el Cinco de Mayo a "La Mesa"

La Mesa in Barrington, Illinois

The fifth of May is here and you know what that means. We have an excuse to drink margaritas on a Wednesday! If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo today, why not drop by Barrington’s only Mexican restaurant for a some chips, salsa and a piping hot plate of your favorite […]

27. Park Avenue Wine Bar and Merchant

Park Avenue Wine Bar in Barrington, Illinois

I sat down at the Park Avenue Wine Bar in Barrington last night and for a minute I forgot I was in the suburbs.  A cool curved backlit bar, the reflection from pendant lights above and exposed brick walls give the space a very urban vibe and I can see why Barrington’s newest night spot is one of the hottest […]

21. Get in on Green Drinks Barrington

Barrington Chapter of Green Drinks

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and there’s a fun new way in Barrington to find out how you can help protect the planet.  It’s a group that is growing called “Green Drinks Barrington” and it’s made up of local folks who share a passion for improving the environment. They meet on the third […]

14. Martinis and Manicures at Millrose

Martinis and Manicures at Millrose

When you get a new manicure, it’s always fun to show it off.  You can do both while sipping martinis at Millrose Restaurant in South Barrington tonight. The Millrose started a new thing this year. On the second Wednesday of each month, they’re hosting Martini and Manicure parties, sponsored by Smirnoff. For $25, you can get […]

10. Try Some Serious Sushi

Bobu San at Naomi Sushi

Because I’ve have had two babies in the past three years, I’ve become a bit of a stranger to sushi. You’re not supposed to eat sushi when you’re expecting and it was tough to forgo one of my favorite types of food.  So I was really excited to check out Naomi Sushi Express in Barrington. It’s the […]

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