174. “Ignite the Night” Fall Bonfire Festival & Cookout

Ignite the Night Bonfire Festival in Barrington Hills

There’s a super cool fall festival happening in Barrington Hills this weekend, so I wanted to give you the scoop and make sure you have plenty of notice.  It’s the 4th Annual “Ignite the Night” bonfire festival hosted by the Friends of the Forest Preserves in Cook County. The nighttime festival will take place this Saturday, September 25th, between […]

172. Artists Exhibit at Barrington Gourmet Grill

Artist Thia Malenchik at Barrington Gourmet Grill

There will be some beautiful artwork on display and for sale during a special artist exhibit open house today at Barrington Gourmet Grill and it’s for a great cause. They’ll be featuring the work of three artists today, Rainey Kellogg, Gloria Zucaro and Thia Malenchik who painted this piece.

170. Grove Avenue Elementary School Carnival of Fun

Fun Times at Grove Avenue Carnival in Barrington, Illinois

We have AWESOME weather today for the 24th annual 3-day Grove Avenue Elementary School Carnival which starts tonight in Barrington! The carnival runs tonight, from 5-10PM, tomorrow, September 17th, from Noon until 10PM and Sunday, September 18th, from Noon -5PM. There will be lots of rides including “The Screamer” and “Super Shot” for the older kids […]

169. Find Bargains at Designer Kids’ Clothing Sale

Find Bargains on Designer Children's Clothing

If you love beautiful children’s clothing, but cringe at those designer price tags, you won’t want to miss a huge consignment sale going on in Barrington this weekend. The seasonal sale only happens twice a year and is organized by two local moms who call their business “Growing Cents of Style”. They’ve set up the […]

166. Shape Up with Sherry Hana

Fitness Guru Sherry Hana's Girls Nite Out

When it comes to exercise, one of my biggest challenges is staying motivated. I recently found a fitness expert in Lake Barrington who offers in-home personal training and specializes in helping busy women and moms get their exercise routines back on track. Her name is Sherry Hana, and this week, she’s hosting an evening of […]

163. Try a Pie from Sergio’s Pizza

Sergio's Pizza in Barrington, Illinois

It’s the busiest night of the week at Sergio’s Pizza in Barrington. On a typical Friday night, the popular Barrington pizza spot serves up about 200 pizzas, and tonight, they have some big VIP orders to fill from the boy scouts, to the high school to Barrington Youth Football. Sergio’s owner, Tony Dioguardi, gave me […]

161. “Guess Where Wednesday” & Last Week’s Winner

Mystery Photo at 365Barrington.com

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s contest day here at 365Barrington.com. We’re happy to announce the winner of last week’s challenge and we also have a new mystery photo and a great prize for this week’s winner. So let’s try this again.  Can you guess where in Barrington this picture was taken? We’ll get to this week’s […]

160. 9.11 Mile Freedom Run & Family Festival

9.11 Mile Run to Commemorate the Anniversary of the September Eleventh Attacks

As the ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks approaches, the Barrington community is preparing to host a special tradition created to commemorate the date and honor members of the US Military who are helping protect our freedoms and our safety.  At 9:11AM on this upcoming Saturday morning, September 11th, hundreds of runners will take part […]

159. Barrington Hills Polo Part II

Playing Polo in Barrington Hills

There’s a certain mystique about the sport of polo that has always made me curious, especially since it’s played right here in Barrington. So I recently stopped by the Barrington Hills Polo Club’s Oakwood Farms field to check out a scrimmage, learn more about the sport and meet some local players. My husband, two kids and I […]

158. Barrington Polo & the Kalaway Landowners Cup

Playing Polo in Barrington Hills

If you’ve always wanted to get a close-up view of a live polo match, here’s your chance!  Barrington Hills is home to one of the Midwest’s finest polo clubs and next weekend the club is hosting the 6th Annual Kalaway Landowners Club, Chicagoland’s biggest polo event of the year. The Kalaway Landowners Cup will take place next […]

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