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Have you heard about Advocate Good Shepherd Health & Fitness Center’s new Workouts of the Week? Trainers are sharing regular videos featuring workouts and fitness tips on the center’s new Instagram page at Their most recent workouts are the focus of today’s NoonDaily update. Watch the videos and match these photos with their respective workouts below…

Located at 1301 South Barrington Road, the 70,000 square foot facility is an extension of Good Shepherd Hospital’s wellness services and designed for anyone who would like to experience a new approach to health and fitness. The staff includes exercise specialists, physiologists and licensed therapists, dedicated to the integration of prevention, wellness, and health education with physical fitness and rehabilitation services. To learn more about The Advocate Good Shepherd Health & Fitness Center’s latest programs to help optimize your health, click here or call Molly or Jaynie in membership at 847-620-4500.


Now to that look at their latest Workouts of the Week! Take a look and get inspired by these fitness experts in action…

GSHP_getfit | Kickstart your week with Jackie’s WOW! Perform 12-15 reps of each exercise and 2-3 sets of the whole program.

  • Banded side step
  • Step up, step down, jumping jack
  • TRX “T”
  • Kinesis chest press
  • Kinesis tricep press down
  • Single & double bicep curls
  • Bird dog
  • One-sided bicycle
  • Reverse crunch

Equipment needed: yoga mat, step, circle band, dumbbells #AdvocateFitness…

GSHP_getfit | Still feeling sore after the long holiday weekend? Today Tina will show you three yoga poses to relax and stretch your tired muscles.

  • Child’s pose
  • Lying supine twist
  • Flowing thread the needle


GSHP_getfit | Ryan created this 30/30/45 program for the Workout of the Week. Perform 3 sets of the entire program, first doing each set for 30 seconds, then repeat each for another 30 seconds, and then perform the last set for 45 seconds each.

  • Prisoner squat
  • Plated bent-over row
  • Low to high chop
  • Jack jump
  • Front plank
  • TRX Superman press
  • TRX neutral row
  • Tricep press down
  • Bench V-ups

Equipment needed: TRX, blue pad, bar plate, Synergy step


GGSHP_getfit | Squatting is not bad for your knees. Here are a few form tips to reinforce the proper squat positioning:

  • flat back
  • shoulder blades are in alignment with the center of the foot
  • push through the big toe, little toe, and heel
  • gaze is to the horizon
  • spread the floor


GSHP_getfit | Welcome to our very first WOW with Juliana!

  • Circuit #1-
    Alternating box hops (1 min)
    Elbow plank (30-45 sec)
  • Circuit #2-
    Reverse lunge with bicep curl (15x each foot)
    Arm “T” (20x)
  • Circuit #3-
    Assisted pull-up (12x)
    Sumo squat to high pull (12x)
  • Circuit #4-
    Foam roller leg touches (15x each leg)
    Stability ball hamstring curls (15x)
  • Repeat each circuit 2 times-

Equipment needed: yoga mat, stability ball, resistance band, kettle bell, and step


GSHP_getfit | Get ready to join Juliana as we jump into WOW! #AdvocateFitness…

GSHP_getfit | Here’s Ryan’s hip stretch to get your body moving after the weekend! Don’t forget: Workout of the Week starts next Monday, June 26th. #AdvocateFitness…

GSHP_getfit | Join Tina, one of our personal trainers, in the first Workout of the Week (WOW) coming June 26th! #AdvocateFitness…

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