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    • Thanks Sherry! One of the best things about writing these blurbs is that I’m getting to know so many nice people in the process. Thanks for your help yesterday. I look forward to finding an opportunity to meet you in person soon. Hope this weekend’s sprint is a great success!

  1. Liz, What an incredible thing you’ve got going here! Great idea and great pix! I was the mom sitting at Barrington Martial Arts when you took the photos — got my boys in the shot at the end of class where they’re bowing.

    I am involved with three art groups in Barrington:

    The Barrington Cultural Arts Center (you did the 1940s show-thank you)

    The Barrington Writers Workshop (now in its 32nd year)

    The Barrington Cultural Commission

    Each has things coming up. I can list some dates and events for you and if you are at all interested in covering them, I can send more info. Thanks for doing this. What a wonderful contribution to our community. Tamara Tabel

  2. Hi Tamara, thanks so much for writing in the comments box! I would love to learn more about the groups you’re involved with and any upcoming activies. Please feel free to email or call me with the details or enter them in the suggestion box section of this blog (see tab above). This project is a lot of work, but it’s a great learning experience. I’ve met a lot of really nice people so far and I have a long way to go until the end, as my husband likes to point out :). I enjoyed visiting Barrington Martial Arts this week and I’ll be sharing my photos with Master Lawson, if you’re interested. Thanks again for your kind words. Please tell others about this website and I hope to hear from you soon about your upcoming events. Have a great weekend, Liz

  3. Excellent article and moreover, intelligent writing style, Ms. Chepell! I will stay tuned to your daily Blog! Thank you for sharing Barrington with us!

    Laura Witlox

    The Persistent Assistant

  4. Gail, if you’re reading, thank you so much for your time. It was so nice to meet you and Joe and I hope yours were the freshest fruits from the market yesterday! Has anyone here ever been to Seasons open-air produce market in South Barrington? They have an amazing selection. The heirloom tomatoes I brought home were delicious. You’ll find the Seasons produce tent set up on weekends at the Arboretum.

  5. I am a huge fan of Sue Daly’s artwork and have her pen and inks, watercolors and even an oil painting of hers in my home. We have traveled throughout the country for work and Sue has completed custom portraits of each home we’ve lived in allowing us to retain cherished memories. Sue is a talented, passionate and charming artist whose work will capture your heart!

  6. I am a fan of Sue’s work. I have some of her pieces and will be obtaining others. She really does a good job capturing the essence of the subject whether it be a building or Mookie. I would recommend everyone check out her work. I have sent the books she has illustrated to the young ones in my life and they love them. Check it out, you will like what you see.

  7. This is so great- what an AMAZING resource!! (and, you’ve inspired me… I’m going to get out my guitar so I can accompany my ol’ man too!).

    • You should totally start singing again. Maybe we should get the old band back together. Let’s call Calle and tell her it’s time for “The Ragdolls” reunion tour!


    • Yes – the lower level is also the basement. It’s a great space…with a rec area, billiard room (You might prefer another label here), bedroom, bathroom, mechanicals room, hobby area, etc… – but you can call all of these spaces whatever you like. As you know, people create different rooms based on their needs. I’m more likely to call it a “basement” in my house…because it’s not finished and it’s dark and cold. In this house on Cook Street, it feels more like an extension of the upstairs levels. Are you in the market for a property like this? We live in the neighborhood and really love it here. Please let me know if you’d like more info about this property or the Barrington Village in general. You can reach me at 847-691-3150 and thanks, sincerely, for your comments and for starting a conversation here. Have a nice night, Liz

  9. Hello, is there a website that we can visit to view Jill Funk’s sculptures? I purchased a sculpture several years ago of a mother and daughter named “Heart to Heart”. It is signed Harris.Lamp Jill Funk and the information on the bottom of the piece is “Endeavors”, No. AC 0346, Harris Marcus. I’ve searched online to try and locate it, but have been unsuccessful. Any ideas where I might be able to find one? I love this piece and wanted to purchase one to give to my daughter since she just moved out of state…wanted her to have a piece of home with her:) Thank you!

    • This makes seven of us looking for it. It is my mother’s favorite piece, although I find no signature. I dropped and shattered it and she is heartbroken. Let me know if anyone finds one.

      D. Loshbough

    • I have a ceramic sculpture of a boy and a dog playing tug of war. It is marked Harris Lamps. There is a sticker on the botom that says “Endeavors” AC 0449.It is dated 1990. I cannt find anything about it either. Did you ever find any info on yours. Please respond to


  10. I think I have the same statue, I was looking at the value of this sculpture. Would love to know where to research. Thanks

  11. Liz, this is such a successful and interesting project. I think every resident of Barrington should make your blog their home page and anyone who lives within a 100 mile radius bookmark it under their favorites! You do such a great job I just wanted to make sure someone told that today.

    Have a good weekend!

    Molly Koeneman

    • Hi Molly,
      You just made my day! I’m happy to know that you’re reading and I hope you’re enjoying your summer in Barrington. Thanks for your nice comment and have a great weekend, Liz

  12. TT Patton featuring Molly the Intern’s summer camp experience was the greatest! My daughter enjoyed the creative atmoshphere, the diverse class ages, experience levels and the mutual love of the written word that was shared by all. Hats off! Look forward to next years camp!

  13. Laura’s knowledge, dedicatation and passion for overall health shows through everything she does at Yin Yang. Congrtaulations on a wonderful and successful enterprise.

  14. I loved reading about all of these budding young business people. This is one of my favorite posts here at 365Barrington. Thanks, Theresa!

  15. The show opens tomorrow night – and based on audience feedback from last weekend, we’re in great shape. Tickets are going super fast, so don’t wait.

    Also, if you choose to drive, we have free parking right behind the theatre and amazing restaurants all around us, all within a very short walk. Plan your visit to our theatre here:

    Also, here’s information about the show:

    Hope to see you here.

    Brad Dunn

    Marketing & Communications Director

  16. Argh! You stumped me. For a few seconds. And then I noticed you included the answer. I never knew Barrington High School’s team colors changed, but I definitely dig the red and black! Thanks, Tracy. You passed…with flying colors 😉

  17. Thanks for your nice comment, Rachel. I enjoyed learning more about Wellness. It’s great to know there are such kind people so eager to help in this way. Have a great week!

  18. Hi Liz!

    Cute idea!

    I believe that this picture is of the The Eden Palais Carousel at the Sanfilippo Foundation.



  19. We’ve got some great guessing coming in! But I don’t want to give it away, yet. If you know where this photo was taken, type your guess in the comments box, click submit and you could be off to the movies!

  20. Hi Liz,

    I think this is part of the Eden Palais sign on the Eden Palais carousel that’s located on the Sanfillipo estate. This is an amazing piece of artwork AND mechanics! 🙂


  21. Its from the facade of the fantastic display for the carosel inside the Sanfillipo’s treasure shed on their estate.

    “Eden de Palais”

    I use a picture of it for my screensaver sometimes.

  22. Anthony is the coolest guy! Your article is really nice and shows how incredible he is. He always offered to help with my photography, giving me tricks and all. I wish him all the best for the future!

  23. Liz, thank you for the nice writeups and promotions, they are quite appreciated. I probably owe you a real interview and of course several drinks by now, so stop on by and enjoy some of the best that our area has to offer (that includes Park Avenue Wine Bar as well)!

  24. The ceiling filled with planes is one of my favorite place to get the Original Chuck Wagon Skillet, “The Canteen”.

  25. Hi Liz, this is a picture of some of the model WWII airplanes that are hanging from the ceiling at the Canteen Restaurant on Hough St. in Barrington.

    Marti Bonne

    • Hi Jill – You’re the winner! Thanks for participating in our “Guess Where Wednesday” contest. I’ll be emailing you this afternoon with deails about how to claim your prize, two tickets to tour the Sanfilippo Estate in Barrington Hills! I recently took the tour myself and it’s really a cool place! Thanks for visiting and feel free to participate in future contests.


      Liz Luby Chepell


  26. I think it is a photo of some kids bedroom…just kidding, hope u get lots of responses…it is a really fun and I bet Will, the last weeks winner is so happy!

  27. If you are at all curious about this group, please come check us out! I’m a member of BNN and just want to say this is a great group of friendly, fun people. We have a big roster of activities; books groups, wine tasting, mom’s groups, cooking, bunko, bowling, and many others. We’d love to have you join us!

  28. I believe this to be the top of the silo at the Goeberts Pumkin Farm. A staple in the Barrington area for fall fun.

  29. Hi Liz,

    This is the giant pumpkin that sits atop a silo at Goebberts Farm in South Barrington!


  30. Goebbert’s Farm and Garden Center in South Barrington! I’d recognize that big ‘ol pumpkin anywhere! 🙂

    • Congratulations, Dottie! You’re the winner of the “Happy Jack” Goebbert’s Pumpkin Mystery Photo Contest. I’ll be emailing you with details about how to claim your prize. Thanks for visiting

  31. Sounds like fun! Maybe I’ll put it on Thr Barrington Singles group calendar and see if anyone wants to go last minute.

    • Hi Evelyn. Thanks for your comment! I’m so curious, what is the Barrington Singles Group Calendar? Is there a place where I can find that? I’d love to learn more. Thanks again for visiting, Liz

    • Congratulations, Carla! You’re the winner. I emailed you this afternoon with deatils about how to claim your prize. Thanks for guessing and for being here! Have a nice night, Liz

    • Thanks for guessing here, Steffanie! This is a new contest and I’m still trying to figure out how to work it. Please come back and guess again at anytime. Thanks for being here and have a great night, Liz

  32. I believe that is one of the dining cars at 111 Grille in the Ice House Mall (formerly Chessies).

    Great game! You guys are so great at marketing and getting in fron of people! I love it!

    Melanie Parsons

  33. The train used to be part of Chessie’s, but is now part of 111 Grille in Barrington. I miss Chessie’s, I gotta say. It’s not the same.

  34. Hi Liz – I am thinking it’s the sign in front of the High School – it’s homecoming week – you have 3 fellow neighbors celebrating their 20 year reunion this weekend!

  35. Hi Liz, I think you’re doing a great job, and I know it’s a lot of work, but I hope you decide to continue your blog–maybe some people would be willing to rotate days with you??

    Anyway, my guess is the electronic sign outside of Barrington High School–GO BRONCOS!!!!! 🙂

  36. What a cute picture. Hope you are feeling much better now. Love the blog– Thanks for working so hard on it! You do a great job!

  37. P.S. Don’t cry or quit! Congrats on making it to HALFWAY! This is a great blog that makes me want to move back home every time I read it. Hmmm…wonder where I can find a decent Realtor… 😉

    P.P.S. Love the blog design!

    • Thanks, Kathleen. Your comment made me so happy that I printed it out and hung it on my bulletin board to help keep me motivated. Have a great weekend and hope you come home to Barrington soon!

  38. Liz – I guess I didn’t really understand how much this is to maintain, but like Kathleen I love this blog. Unlike Kathleen I do live here and found this blog to be informative and creative and I have learned a lot. I have lived here all my life, with the exception 5 years when I immaturely stated I’d had enough of the winters and moved to Florida. Well, let me tell you…I’m back and the next time I leave they’ll have to blast me out. I’ve seen a lot of changes and I’ve seen a lot stay the same. I love the blog, applaud the effort and check it every day, when I have time.


    • Thanks, Bill. I really do love interviewing people and writing this blog, but I spend a lot of time working on it every day. Sometimes my husband has to pry my hands off my keyboard to get me to stop ;). I sincerely appreciate your nice words and I thank you for visiting and for your “mystery photo” guesses. Please let me know if there’s anything or anyone who you think I should write about here and I’ll hop to it! Have a great weekend, Liz

  39. Front window of Falecies Shoe Repair. It might be under a different name now, but you know where I mean.

  40. Hey Lisa,

    I was at RSVP’s with my daughter on Monday night when the Bears played. You took a photo of us in our Bears jerseys. I would love to get a copy from you. I have so few photos with her now that she is older. Please let me know if that is possible.



    • Hi Cathy, I’m so happy that you wrote! Thanks for being here. I remember taking a super cute photo of two ladies in Bears jerseys. I thought to myself, “I bet they’d like a copy of this.” I’ll be writing about RSVP’s in the coming weeks. The photos are all still on my camera. When I download them all to my computer, I will email you the photo first, before I do anything else. (I’d do it sooner, but my computer is maxed out on space so I have to delete stuff before I can add more stuff.) Thanks again for writing, I promise I’ll be in touch soon and have a great night, Liz

  41. Wow, I’m last week’s winner–awesome! I haven’t won anything in years and years! 🙂

    And thank you very much for mentioning my band and adding the link to your writeup about us, too–very much appreciated!

    I’ll hold off on guessing the pictures for awhile, but this is a really fun game you’ve got going!


  42. I know I’m after your deadline, but just discovered your website fun! Looking forward to trying out some new and different things in B-town. 🙂

    Anyway, pretty sure that’s the sing in front of Barrington Shoe Service on Hough St…pass it almost every day! 🙂



  43. Hi Liz,

    After a few weeks break, I thought that I’d jump in again!!

    This is Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks!! Dashing, I might add!!


    • Congratulations, Courtney. You won our “Guess Where Wednesday” mystery photo contest and Patrick Sharp’s autograph on a commemorative tin of Chicago Blackhawks popcorn!!! I’ll be in touch with details. Thanks for guessing and we hope you’ll guess again, Liz

  44. This week’s “Guess Where Wednesday” is Patrick Sharp of the Chicago Blackhawks.

    He’s a great player and he’s got a Basset Hound named “Shooter!”

    Cathy Trawinski

    • Congratulations, Tracy! You’re our winner this week. I’ll email you this afternoon about getting you the two free tickets to tomorrow night’s Barrington Tast Fest & EXPO. Thanks for playing and please feel free to keep guessing in our upcoming mystery photo contests. Have a great day, Liz

  45. OK – Actually I’m going to guess, although I think I’m wrong. Is it the weathervane on the clock tower at the northwestern train station?

  46. The roof-top of Barrington Bank and Trust at Hough Street and Station Street – showing the wonderful heron weather vane attop the cupola

    • Thanks for your comment, Sarah! I had fun writing this one thanks to the clever and fun name that was chosen for this luncheon. Please keep me posted about other upcoming BACOA events and I’ll be happy to write about them here. Have a great week, Liz

  47. Had to ask my boys for some help on this one…our guess is a sign at Wool Street.

    The boys would like a piece of the SWEET Prize candy too, if I decide to share it with them.

  48. Good Morning,

    What a beautiful website and it looks like there are many interesting things to look at.The store is very beautiful, and knowing your personality would make it even more fun to come and shop there!!! I think it is a great idea to shop locally, and with someone that can help you plan and make that gift special for your special occasion.I enjoyed my gift that you gave me for my 65th birthday!!! I am still using it and thinking of you when I do. Good Luck with your new adventure. Love Annette

  49. Hi – the photo is the old Jewel corporate office.

    My mom used to work in the Jewel law department in the early ’60s. And I currently live in Jewel Park!


  50. OK–I have to enter this one–my dad used to work at the JEWEL TEA building in Jewel Park!! We used to go to the Jewel family picnics all the time. 🙂


  51. It’s the caboose in front of the Ice House Mall. I know because I work there…so I really don’t deserve the prize.

  52. WOW! I should probably run a spell check before I hit “Publish”. Hope I corrected all 50 of my spelling mistakes, but if you ever catch one for me, please let me know. Thanks for being here and good luck with your guessing! Liz

  53. I’m sure I’m late on this one, but it is the side of the Caboose outside the IceHouse Mall. And I was around when it really was the Jefferson Ice Company

  54. Jimmy John’s, where they make sandwiches so fast you’ll freak, give out free smells, and are 100% mom-approved.

  55. The girl jumping on the big bay horse is actually me (:

    I am riding my lease horse “Tyson.” He is such a good boy! I love the pictures!

  56. Hahaha, thanks for posting the “Christmas Vacation” clip, Liz! I love this movie and watch it about this time every year!


  57. You haven’t changed a bit Suela! I recognize Diane Freeburg, Nan Pipe, and is that Tref in there too???? You were a beautiful Bride.

  58. We drove our kids out to see the lights earlier this week and the show was spectacular! I can’t wait to see it again next year!

  59. Mail to Todd Bowen

    I would like to know if you are the person who’s spent time in France in 1984 as an AFS student.

    If so I would enjoy receiving news from you.

    I am Agnes (Charon) Guais and used to leave in Saint Barthelemy d’Anjou where you’ve visited my parents and have met my brothers.

    Hoping that you are the right person.

    J’espere vraiment recevoir un retour.


  60. That is interesting! You know I have NEVER been there. Bakers Lake on Hillside was farmed at one time by installing drain tiles. Then over the years the old clay drain tiles broke and the farmers left and, who knows, maybe Citizens for Conservation stepped in there too. Did you know there was once a church on the land where the sledding hill is, by that lake? My high school class worked to put the decision to “Save the Campgrounds” up for a vote by the citizens. That’s where the plaque on the rock came from. I wish it was not overgrown though. It should be maintained as usable space for the residents. Not left alone to be like a forest preserve. “Just My Two Cents”

  61. Saw these guys at a couple triathlons I did last year–thanks for the info! I trained by myself for my 1st tri ever last year and thought it would have been MUCH nicer to have trained with a group instead!

  62. Thank you so much for your very heart warming and concise descritption of what goes on at Walk On Farm. I am on the founding Board of the organization and continue to feel privilged be involved with people that I admire, from staff to volunteers to participants and their families on a daily basis.

    If possible, please update the information that is now listed. Our next fundraiser is “Lasso a Lane” at Brunswick Bowl, Deer Park on Sunday, February 13, 2011. 11;30-3 — $25 per person includes bowling, pizza, raffles & dessert. Call 847-381-8695

  63. I, too, have the same statue; I would love to know its value as well. It is a very meaningful piece. Mine has 1990 Harris Industries and Harris Marcus on the bottom but no price. I have tried to research Harris Marcus and Harris Industries without luck.

  64. Liz — Congratulations! You may remember I was working the night you came in to have Billy. You say you were nervous … I say you were adorable. You will love having a third baby … far less stress than the other two, I promise 🙂 p.s. Say hello to your mom for me!

    • Hi Lori,
      Thanks for writing! Yes, I remember you were working that night. Thanks for your words of encouragement 😉 and I will definitely say hi to my mom. Have a great weekend and hope to see you soon, Liz

  65. Thank you Liz! We are all very excited to showcase the latest trends in linen, floral, rental, food, drinks, dresses, jewelry and registry. Rusty with Barrington Home Shoppe came up with this wonderful idea and it’s just brilliant!! Bob with Payton Floral is working on the flowers for the show and wow…I hear it’s going to be out of this world!

    From the Royal Wedding to the roaring ’20s tablescape…it’s going to be one idea after another for your special event or wedding!

  66. “Wedding Belles, Ltd.”

    Our daughter is getting her dress from Marsha. Sad to hear about Sherry’s recent passing too, we’ve known her and her family for many years.

  67. Looking forward to being a part of this one stop shop experience. I have beautiful jewelry for brides, bridesmaids, flower girls, moms and anybody else who needs something special.

  68. Future Brides… Saturday, January 22 from Noon to 4pm ….1st Annual 60010 Barrington Bridal Connection Show. You will not want to miss this event. Over 50 vendors will be on hand to help you plan your perfect wedding! Bridal Fashion by A L’ Amour and Wedding Belles. The event is sponsored by Christina Currie Events, Payton Floral, Barrington Home Shoppe and the Ice House Mall. 847-381-6661.

  69. The shoppe looks fantastic! I didn’t know all of this about the products, which makes the buying experience so much more rewarding. Thanks Rusty! It’s all about the personal touch you and your team bring to Barrington.

  70. There is nothing quite as peaceful as being outside after a newly fallen snow. I so enjoyed the last couple days. Used my snowblower on the sidewalks in front of 4 houses on my block. Helped the neighbors dig out and did my own. There was a lot of people walking down the street and no cars.

    I’m thinking I could deal with 1 blizzard per year.

    • I’m with you, Bill. It just takes one storm to get your blizzard fix for the year. It’s peaceful and beautiful, but there is something a little claustrophobic about all of that snow. It also made me think of the days ahead when we can spend more time outdoors. It won’t be long now, right? Nice to hear from you, Bill. I look forward to catching up again soon.

    • You mean the snowboarder? Or the guy who jumped off the roof? No. I did not have a hand in those snow stunts. Though I once stopped my brother from letting my little sister jump out of the second floor window and onto the trampoline. I think I saved her life!

  71. I love Kelly’s photo! It brings true spirit of what most Barrington teens would love to take advantage of on their “blizzard” day 🙂

    • TTP…I agree with the green and gold thing. Plus, I’m spending Super Bowl Sunday sequestered in a secret location working on the big announcement which we’ll be making at 365Barrington this week. (You know what it is) I fled my home this morning when I realized I must isolate to accomplish what needs to be done. I’ll email this afternoon with details. Look forward to hearing about your extended trip to NYC. Have fun watching the game today and talk soon, Liz

  72. I would like to bring some seniors to your candy store as an outing.

    I see you have steps at the front door. Does this mean no scooters?

  73. This is a great list, Liz–very clever and I’m enjoying the YouTube clips! Now, if I can only decide which way(s) to try….


  74. Main Street looking toward Hough.

    The building with the Steeple is where the Bread Basket and Christian Bookstore sits

    across the street you can see where Tom and Terry used to be and the Main street cleaners

  75. Looking Northwest along Park Ave. at the interstection of Main & Cook. Photographer is standing on the water tank used by the railroad to refill the steam engine tanks.

  76. The Old Train Station. To the left running alongside the Train Station is Park Ave. Cook St. intersects to the left with the First National Bank on the corner facing the Train Station. To the Left of the bank is “Liposkys” Dept. Store. To the right of the bank would be Rexall Drugs, Ben Franklin. Main St. runs in front of Rexall/Ben Franklin with Bob and Betty’s clothing and Dee’s restaurant across the street.

    It seems as though the photographer is standing by where Grove Ave and Park St. come together, probably on top of some storage building on the Train Station property.

  77. Of course that is the Barrington train station (now the Metra station). The street on the left is Park Ave. The street that is crossing the train tracks is Main Street (County Line Rd -or- Lake-Cook Rd) — Geez, could it have any more names!

    The street going off the left edge of the picture (just beyond the horse and buggy) is S. Cook Street. (Where my wife’s bead/jewelry store currently is: Beaded Elements).

    I am not sure what the photographer is standing on….but I am going to guess its the signal tower for the trains, or a water tank.


  78. The street on the left is Railroad Street ( now it is called Park Avenue) and it intersects with Cook Street and then Main Street. Main Street is the street that crosses the Railroad tracks at an angle. The photo is looking northwest.

    The store at Cook and Railroad with the pointed roof I think is Plagge’s Department store. Lipofsky’s 2nd store ended up just to the left of that building, but probably was not there when this picture was taken.

    As far as where the picture was taken, I remember in the 1950’s there was a water tower at that location, so maybe there was one back then.

    My mom’s real estate office was right there on Park Avenue so I knew that area well.

  79. I believe this photo is of the “baloney’s” sign located in the sandwich shop on main street.

  80. My friend & I attended the Grayslake IL farmers mkt this year & both of us bought some of ur jams. Let me tell u..they were the best I have ever eaten. My friend’s son wanted her to get some more..until she explained that she got the jam at the Farmers Mkt. Hope u come back w/more this year. Where does the Coloma MI come into play?

  81. Spent most of my high school years working there, so I’m ashamed it took me this long to figure it out. Boloney’s, of course!!!! My all time favorite sandwich place — one Big Bird to go, please! 🙂

  82. I watched the Oscars, but was glad I Tivo’d them and watched the show about 30-45 mins. behind so I could zap through the commercials! I’ve seen “True Grit,” and I love the Coen Bros, but I have to admit I like the original movie w/John Wayne and Glen Campbell better, even though the remake is more faithful to the novel. I haven’t seen “Black Swan” yet, but your trade with your husband sounds fair to me!

    I agree with you about the co-hosts…they were OK for awhile…I thought the opening montage was funny, but if you haven’t seen “Inception,” maybe it wasn’t as funny. I was very glad C. Firth and “The King’s Speech” won–I love them both! 🙂


  83. Sounds very appealing. I joined the Barrington Park Fitness center last year. I was able to stick with exercising 4 times a week for 7 months, then I got away from it. Back again this year. Workouts are 60-90 minutes long and I try to get there 4-5 time per week. God knows I need to do something. I’m at least 40 pounds overweight. I’ve seen the cards about the program in the mail and have been tempted to call. Does sound pricey, but if I could improve my fitness that much?

  84. Thanks for the write-up! Picking colors is stressful for me, too. People always tell me that if I hate the color, it’s an easy fix, but it takes us so long to get around to painting that I’d better be prepared to live with it for, say…10 years.

    I love the smoky purples! Purple has always been one of my favorite colors, but it didn’t seem possible to use it on my walls—until now!

  85. Thanks for the “Honorable Mention” and the special shout-out! Yes, Savannah pogos whenever she can. She even pogo-ed down the driveway to the school bus the other day. 🙂 I look forward to the next photo contest!

  86. Well done Liz! I’ve lived in Barrington for almost 10 years and I’ve learned more about the people and places here just in the last 365 days. It’s bitter sweet, but after writing the blog for just a few days, I know the work is challenging. Enjoy your family, as it grows, and come back soon. Whatever you do will be great! You Rock!

  87. Well done, Liz. I admire your positive attitude. Congratulations on completing what must have been a daunting task. All the best to you and your family.

  88. Thank you for every day this last year and thank you for the future. We have enjoyed your work all along and you mean more to us than you know. All the best and I look forward to helping you any way that I can. Susan. PS — Your photography is great!

  89. Fantastic, Liz! Congrats on achieving your goal! Looking forward to what the future brings for your blog!

  90. please send me info on art in the barn festival. i would like to be a vendor. 815-790-4422thanks sam

  91. Hi Karrin

    I have an old kitchen table with chairs ( i think it is old) that I purchased from a flea market. I did refinish it and added some paint to the legs of the table and chairs. I would like to sell it but I am not sure if you are interested in it. Please let me know if you would like pictures or if you would like to come and take a look at it..I live in Rolling Meadows, by the Arlington Race Track. My home number is 847-342-8436..

    Thank you

    Sue Wenzel

  92. can you email me a schedule of the plays you put on each year? I am interested in it for me and a few of my senior friends.. I heard it was free to us… Thank you ..

  93. We’re very excited about playing for this event, and the whole day is filled with art, entertainment and activities for all. Thanks for the great writeup!


  94. I think that your Corvette date is wrong. Should it be Thursday June 16th?

    Looks like your dates are from 2010. All dates should be on every Thursday, right?



  95. Hi Liz,

    Do they allow any artists, etc? I know someone who’s artwork is based on the pinstriping of classic cars.

    • That sounds really cool! I’m not sure if they’ve had artists in the past, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t consider it. I would call and ask the Village of Barrington. You can reach them at 847-304-3400. Ask for Anne Garrett. She plans Village events, like Cruise Nights, and should be a good resource for you. We’ll be writing an updated post this week about the return of Cruise Nights for the season. Thanks for visiting, Liz

  96. Liz–Thanks so much for this wonderful article. I can’t wait for my mom to see it.

    Also, FYI, I have tried to email you and it keeps kicking back. I did check to see that I have the email address right.

    See you tomorrow.


    • Thanks, David! A “Buy American” radio talk show host contacted me and said she’d love to interview Deborah. I emailed Deborah the contact info, but I know this is a busy week at Nortons! Thanks again for visiting our website and have a great weekend, Liz

  97. You need to update this page, the market is not in the arboretum this year!!!! you need to let eveyone know where you have relocated to!

  98. OK…I’ve just read the first two chapters. That’s 41 pages so I’m on track to finish the book by Tuesday night. So far my favorite part (and this is probably because I’m a Realtor) is the passage on page 16 where Rhoda writes her own real estate ad which reads, “Gorgeous lakefront property, just an icy commute away on a deadly highway! This special house is so big you’ll close all the vents and pray for a mild winter! Unimpaired views for peeping toms! Possums visit the deck! Finished walkout with carpet you wouldn’t have picked! In fact, this carpet is downright unattractive!….Schedule an appointment today!” I could write an ad in this tone for my own house. Couldn’t we all? I’m also enjoying some of her vocabulary words. Many I know, but never use in casual conversation, like Kerfuffle (page 25) and Cattywampus (page 29). So I’m happy to report that, unless I go into labor this week, nothing will kerfuffle my plan to finish this book in seven days. Anyone else reading along and have reactions to the first two chapters?

  99. I’m in! Got it on my Kindle last night so I’m not quite sure how many pages I got thru, but it was probably about 35 or so. I particularly enjoyed the conversation with her mother in the store where she suggests maybe she should marry her cousin because he drives a tractor for pleasure in his free time. 🙂

    • Awesome, Casey! I’m so excited you’re reading with me. I fell behind last night so I have some catching up to do today. But let’s keep it up and share thoughts about the book here. How are you feeling, by the way? I hope all is well and I’m so happy that you wrote.

      • Got a little behind myself. 🙂 Only on chapter 6 and hoping to catch up tonight. It’s not bad so far, but i feel like sometimes the author is trying a little too hard to be funny.

        • Hi Casey,

          I totally agree about the author trying to be funny. I did get behind because we took the kids on a last minute mini-vacation this week to Door County, WI. But I finished the book last night and have some reactions that I’ll share here tomorrow. Did you finish it? I’d love to know your thoughts. It was interesting to watch the video of the author describing her book after reading it. “Turbo Dork” is her own term, but it sort of fits in some ways ;). Look forward to catching up soon, Liz

  100. Did we miss it? We had to go to a baseball game today, June 25th and couldn’t attend the Housewalk, was wondering if it will still be open to the public on Sunday too! If so, will you please post the hours?? We would love to stop by and see it.

  101. Congratulations on your upcoming new arrival! I would join in on your read, but I have been struggling to find the time to read a book I’ve been trying to get through for about a month now! Maybe next time! In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye on your progress! Best of luck to you!

    • Thanks for writing, Evelyn! I finished the book last night, after my self-imposed deadline, and will share some thoughts here tomorrow. What are some of your favorite books to read? I’m always looking for a good one, Liz

  102. Where do you get this book? Sounds like a good tool in the war (constructive and God blessed of course) to reverse anti productive codependant behavior. I was doing the web thing, just searching the web for the Mennonite Cemetery near Greenwood Delaware, when I found this site. Love y’all, and don’t know if I’ll ever be able to find my way back without help, Melanie from Tennessee.

  103. Is it Friday, July 8th or Saturday, July 9th? The banner says Friday, July 9th.

  104. Liz, you did a wonderful job of wrapping up this story which comes from many different angles. Thanks for your support on behalf of Camp Edwards as well as Doug’s efforts. You have brought to light all that goes on in Barrington and we all enjoy your blog.

    • This article makes me want to experience the wonder of an open water swim with one caveat :-)…Doug has to be there to convince me I can do it. The ‘piece of Buck Island’ brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for continuing to tell this story. It’s an important one.

  105. My son, Charlie, attended session 1 at Camp Edwards this summer. He listened to Doug talk about his experiences. Although he wasn’t ready to attempt the Buck Island swim then, he is considering it for next time. He had such an amazing experience at Camp Edwards in June that he is returning in August! Perhaps he’ll try the swim then? Regardless, the lessons learned at summer camp this year are all good ones. Best of luck, Doug, on your adventure swimming the English Channel. You are providing inspiration to all those who hear your story.

  106. The McConnell’s introduced us to Camp Edwards last year. This was our daughter’s second year at the camp! She has the most wonderful experiences up in East Troy. She looks forward to going all year long. She saw Doug on Friday and although she didn’t try the Buck Island swim, she says she’ll try next year! I wish I could spend my summers up at Camp Edwards!

  107. Liz – You are a magician. You captured these unique elements of Camp, all built around a single challenge that the kids can meet. Attending Camp Edwards, and the ongoing relationship my family and I have with it, really is one of the pivotal experiences and elements in my life. Thank you for your wonderful piece on an iconic place.

  108. This was wonderful to read, and the photos do not lie: Camp Edwards is a magical place, and the Buck Island swim is just one of the many adventures that kept me coming back year after year. The photos did a nice job of capturing the progression of the typical Buck Island swimmer’s psyche: shivering anticipation to quiet triumph, all upon the shores of beautiful grey-blue Lake Beulah.

  109. We are elated to have been represented by Susan and Doug in this spotlight; and of course Liz for her wonderful blog. The campers have had a wonderful time learning about Doug’s perserverence and we hope that this motivates them to achieve greatness in their own rite. We are all pulling for Doug in his challenge and praying for his success. Speaking for Camp Edwards, we look forward in serving and touching the lives of many more kids as they navigate the waters of their own lives. Although we are a YMCA, we are open to all who seek the challenge to better themselves through the wonderment of camp. And better yet, some of our later sessions still has availability if others want to challenge the waters of Lake Beulah.

  110. Like so many others, Camp Edwards has been a life-changing experience for me. I feel like of all the time I spent growing up, some of the most important stuff happened at summer camp. Every child deserves the excitement, the friendship, the growth, and the feeling of belonging that he or she can find there. Thanks, Doug, for making those experiences even more meaningful.

  111. So i just went to the white cemetary for the first

    because me and my freinds were bored so my

    freinds bf said to go there so we did n we pulled

    pulled up to the cemetary n my bffs bf got out n

    n snapped a few pics n when we got home we looked at em

    them n there was a few that had orbs n then in

    Three photos we captured actual photos of what

    appears to be ghosts we caught a real vivid one that

    is of a lil boy who looks like hes from the 1800 its

    super crazy i still cant belive it happened

    • One night at 10-11 aclock at night my friends and I were driving and heard about this haunted Cuba and rainbow road so we decided to drive there. At first we got this creepy chill when we got there and we kept a good watch what was happening. We all saw 2 circles in the trees. At first we thought it was a cars lights but it was way to high up. And we all figured out it was orbs. We also experienced a vanishing house. I remeber finding a huge mansion with no lights on and no driveway then we drove past the same spot and it was not there anymore. At first I thought this all was a myth but now I believe it is true. And we are going to go back at 12 to see what happens.

  112. We have had the pleasure of loving the McConnell’s and Camp Edwards for over 10 years now. Doug and Susan encouraged us to send our oldest daughter to camp and it was a remarkable experience for her. She had a ball, but also learned so many things that she will carry in her life skill toolbox forever. Our youngest is enjoying the two week session right now and we’re looking forward to hearing all about her adventures -a swim to Buck Island , perhaps? We wish Doug all the best -he is an inspiration to us all.

  113. Doug,

    I swam with you at Elgin high school circa 1975-1976. I still remember coach Hamrin screaming in my ear every morning around 05:30. I don’t remember if I met you at Camp Edwards or when you practiced with us at Elgin. This brought back many memories of events at Camp Edwards and great people that helped shape my adult life. Some of the folks that I recall: Bob Huber, Chuck Huber, Steve Schmittendorf, Pete Leuck, and “Red” the caretaker, the swamp hike. Good luck with the channel crossing if you see this let me know how I can help in any way.


    • Now there’s a name that scared me more than T.P. Pierre! Red, the caretaker! Mine is Lynn Huber (Jablonski). I attended Camp Edwards for the first time in 1957. My photo shows a toddler’s bare bottom, a diaper drooping ’round her ankles on Lions Pier. That kid kept coming back for decades. With memories come a realization, lasting evidence of things that had true significance. Now, names that had faded and timeworn events have emerged, full color, as Doug McConnell trains for the English Channel undertaking.

      PS RE: any rules broken, or pranks during the early 70’s – I was asleep or doing something else ……

  114. What a wonderful article. Well done. It brought tears to my eyes and confirmed what a wonderful, “magical” place Camp Edwards is and has been for so many kids. My three kids went to camp several years, Julie achieving her purple kerchief. Every year, they came back different. It is a great place for kids to experience. Best of luck to Doug next month. We’ll be watching his progress.

    Cathy Malm

  115. Only just now seeing this–just wonderful! Loved the story and for sure the pictures (well–Exorcist gives me the willies but having had 3 kids I get it!). Love to your entire GROWING family Liz!

  116. The concept behind a Flash mob is that it is a SECRET. So even if a little birdie tells you something, you still keep it a surprize. Great article though. See you at the bird bath.

    • Hey Big Bird…I’m so honored that you read our blog!!! Sorry if I spilled the beans. Please tell Oscar not to be mad. Also, if you get wind of any more secret events happening in Barrington, please let me know and I promise I won’t spoil the surprize. Have a great night and thanks for being here, Liz

    • Thank you, Susan. I’ve been thinking of you and am looking forward to catching up. I love reading all of the news coverage about Doug’s swim – PLUS – I see that he has surpassed his fundraising goal. That’s great news! Hope all is well, take care and talk soon, Liz

  117. Please send me information on art in the barn festival, Also what type of art is normal displayed l would like to be a Vendor thank you

    • Hi Jo,

      They’re not having an “Ignite the Night” bonfire for 2011, but they’re planning one for 2012. The date for that is September 29, 2012 and event organizers say it’s going to be even cooler than before!

  118. Hi Liz,

    Sooo glad that you are doing this again!! This is in front of Long & Co Jewelers. My favorite place for bling!!


  119. The scarecrow is outside Long and Company Jewelers on the corner of Main Street (Lake Cook Road )and Hough Street

  120. Hello,

    I have been a registered nurse for 18 years and am very interested and would like to meet with your human resource or managing director regarding employment, either part time of full time.

    I was recently referred by a friend who is an RN & not employed at your hospice home but has 2 friends who are. I apologize I do not know there names, but my friend referred me to your hospice center for employment. I have hospice experience and would like to find out how I can apply for a position as my time spent with hospice patients was very dear to me. I cared for the patients with all my heart and I would like to meet with someone to discuss possible employment. Please feel free to contact me @ 847.991.1756, the best time is daytime. I would love to come in and visit your home and greatly appreciate a meeting with a director or nurse in charge.

    Thank you for your time


    Connie DiNicolo-Kosmo,RN

  121. On a beautiful sunny Fall day back in 2008, I was coming home from work around 3pm heading west on Cuba about to pass the cemetery when a white mist crossed the road in front of me from the south side of the street and headed in to the graveyard. Freaky! It was daytime and the mist was in a human like shape, but fairly large 6 feet?. I kid you not. Never saw it again and I pass that way several times a week…

    • Are you serious!?! Did it look like a man or a woman? I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I wrote the White Cemetery/Haunted Cuba Road post. I was definitely spooked by your story when I read it last night, remembering how creepy it was when I took photos at the cemetery last year. It was during the afternoon, I was in the same spot you’re describing (on the south side of Cuba looking toward the cemetery) and I felt like I was being watched. I’m not sure I believe in ghosts, but it was definitely creepy. Have you had other ghostly sightings in other places?

  122. Me and my two friends decided to go to Cuba Rd. because we wanted to see if it was really haunted. It was night and we were driving on Cuba Rd. when we saw a woman standing along the side of the road. When we got near her, the driver stopped because it looked as if she wanted to cross the road so we let her cross. But when she was crossing, she turned to look at us with a serious expression on her face and she proceeded walking. When we turned to look on the other side of the road she had vanished into the cemetery. I was very frightened because I couldn’t believe that I had actually seen a ghost. I have never returned back to Cuba Rd.

  123. I’m new to the area and just found your website. I’m sooo excited as my family and I will only be living in the Chicago area for a year. We want to experience all we can, while we are here. I just saw your post from last year about the Open Air Skating Rink at the Arboretum. Do you have any info on the events happening this year? Are they going to open it up again? I tried to go to their website, but wasn’t able to find anything. Let me know if you know of anything.

    Thanks, Emily

    • Hi Emily,
      I’m so happy you found our website! The Arboretum is not hosting the open air skating arena again this year. Instead, they’re hosting Santa Clause at the iPic theater every Saturday and Sunday from 1-4pm, starting tomorrow, 11/19 through Sunday, December 18th. If you have any questions about Barrington, please feel free to email me any time at I live and work here and am happy to help.
      Have a great weekend,

    • Thank you so much for writing! Though the email with instructions is supposed to arrive, there is an easy way to access and print out your vouchers. Here are the steps:

      1.) Go to and login with your username and password.
      2.) Once you’re logged in, visit this link:
      3.) You should see a download button for both of your vouchers under “My Purchases Overview”
      4.) Click the download buttons, print your vouchers and bring them with you when you make your purchase at Learning Express Toys.

      Also, please check to see if the email might have ended up in your junk or spam file. And please continue to share your feedback about how you like the new website. There is always room for improvement. Thanks for purchasing one of our debut deals this week. We’re working on lining up more great deals in Barrington and will be sure to keep you posted.

  124. I’m sorry to hear that the ice arena will not be open this year. I was just looking at the 365 things to do in chicago – north suburbs on Living Social and saw that the rink is opening this weekend. I live 10 min from the Arboretum and never knew this existed and was looking forward to checking it out and am wondering why it’s being mentioned on LS and yet you’re stating that it’s not. May I ask why it’s not?

    • Hi Sherry, I asked the Arboretum’s Marketing Manager that same question yesterday. She says setting up the rink with that special open-air ice is cost prohibitive. At this time, they don’t have plans to open it again. This year, they’re hosting Santa visits in the iPic theater lobby. Sounds like the rink is something people will miss and I’ll pass that along. You can also reach the mall office at 847-426-6200. I’m not sure why you found outdated information on a current post elsewhere. Maybe they need to double check their information! Thanks for writing and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  125. Our prayers are with Baby Scarlett and her family. God has an amazing way of giving us tiny miracles every day. Find the miracles he gives you every day and focus on those. God bless you! Evelyn, Mara and Lance Gasher

  126. What an incredibly compelling story. I will keep the family in my prayers, and hope a cure is found.

    Thanks for sharing this Liz.

  127. This is the best time. Come on out and give it a try. You won’t fine a nicer group of people anywhere!

  128. i have been looking for the perfect recipe for my corned beef this year. Knowing that Kelly is the best cook, I will be trying this out tomorrow. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I’m starving!

  129. Wow….this sounds amazing!!!! From one Clarke to another, thank you for sharing your talent!!!!

  130. Sweet and savory, my favorite. Now I know how I am going to make my brisket tomorrow. Thanks Kelly and 365 … Great feature. Love the concept.

  131. Am going to make the salad tonight. Merely reading the ingredients made me hungry. I even like the lovely way the asparagus are tied in the pic–centerpiece opportunity? Who knew…

    Thank you!

  132. These are all great Kelly. I don’t usually comment but thanks 365 for bringing Kelly and her great ideas to us on a regular basis.

  133. I just recently visited Angelina for a donation to Barrington Children’s Charities. I fell in love with Katie’s store! The gifts are so unique and the jewlery is beautiful. Since the end of March, I have purchased gifts for three people that absolutely loved what they received. I am so happy that I finally found a truly unique shopping experience here in Barrington!

  134. Any time is a good time to read to a child – but ESPECIALLY when the proceeds from each book benefits animal rescue! How perfect is that?! Dude’s story is charming and fun… one of those books that kids will want to read over and over again. It’s wonderful in every way! 🙂

  135. What a wonderful story of hope for the future of her children and the role model of a loving father/husband!

  136. Not only did I love taking these photographs, I really LOVED the food. It was a great experience and the people were oh so nice. That night I went home and grabbed my boyfriend and took him there for dinner!

  137. PL8 is a terrific addition to the highly-creative end of the Barrington culinary scene. Susan’s photos, of course, make it all the more inviting. Beautiful.

  138. Can we eat here our next visit? Nice article and the food looks so delicious in the photos!

  139. Liz–wonderful article. Their advice is well spoken and easily applied. I personally know many of the women profiled and can vouch that they truly do live what they speak. Thank you for illustrating just how special mom’s can be.

  140. Visiting from So Cal and had the opportunity to stop by and enjoy a meal here. It was fabulous! Ted even took the time to come to our table and ask how everything was. Of course we told him it was awesome. Will definitely eat here again when we are back in town. Thank you Ted and staff for a wonderful meal.

  141. Great job Countryside kids! I am so proud of what your committee accomplished.
    Reese Mates

  142. I created a fantastic photo book after attending one class at Musee. Susan McConnell provides step-by-step instruction on the how-to’s and offers skillful advice on page layouts. I especially appreciate her patience and the generous way she shares her knowledge. I cherish my first photo book!

    • I have seen dogs, yes – and the surrounding businesses on these streets are also very welcoming to our four-legged friends!

  143. I have shopped at Heinens for years. What has been very pleasant for me has been the amount of organic foods on your shelves. From information that I have gathered, genetically modified food has also been multiplying in recent years. This food is poisonous. If I can I’ll send you a website with scientific evidence to back up this modified food.

    Recently, I was in one of your stores and wanted to purchase a loaf of bread. Every single loaf of bread in your store uses soy in its ingredients. Everything from your cheaper varieties to the better bread. Soy is one of the food stuffs that is highly subject to GMO modification. If I want to eat bread then I must accept this soy ingredient. I find this predicament abhorrent. Is there something you can do to take the soy out of the bread?
    Thank you for your time,
    Charles Trigilio

  144. You are SO at Ciao Baby! on LakeCook Rd. in Barrington, my absolute FAVORITE restaurant on the planet!! Chicken Spidini is to die for, and the grilled cheese sandwich at lunch time just makes me cry it’s so good.

  145. So cute. I loved the video. It makes me wish my store was over by all the cool stores on Cook St. Hope I can come by and see all the happenings tomorrow before 6:00:)

  146. Our family has belonged to Biltmore for a long time and it’s been one of the smartest things we have ever done. Our kids have loved every moment of it and they appreciate getting dressed up to go to dinner in the club house. My husband and I each own our own businesses and it’s been the perfect place to bring people for a nice thank you dinner or lunch. And the people who manage Biltmore always make me feel special.

  147. Loved the article on Mike. It’s true! We love his cooking and we love him. Biltmore members, Terri Tepper and Lawre Weiner

  148. It’s in the park across the street from Hough School Commemorating Fire and Police officers that have fallen in the line of duty.