Day: March 8, 2011

Things to give up for lent in Barrington, Illinois

342. Give it Up for Lent – A Top 10 List

 I have something to confess. When it comes to Lent, I rarely give something up. And, when I do, I don’t stick with it. So there. Now you know. I’ve been weak and wimpy during the Lenten season. But I found my halo crumpled in a cardboard box, dusted it off and I’m going to pick ONE THING to give up for 40 days this year. Hopefully that little devil inside will let my inner angel have its way, but I’m not making any promises.

I’m pregnant, so I already gave a bunch of stuff up, like drinking wine and eating sushi. I have two young kids at home so I’m already working on not swearing. Though sometimes I slip, adding some shockers to my 2-year-old daughter’s vocabulary.  So I turned to my Facebook friends to come up with some ideas. Here’s a list of their top 10 things to give up for Lent.…

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