87. Adoption Through the State of Illinois Event a Chance for Children and Hopeful Families

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The Weston Family's Adoption Day

The Barrington Area Library hosts many events for us to share information and widen our perspective. But none will be like Adoption Through the State of Illinois on Saturday, April 11th from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Friends and neighbors will greet you. Learn first hand what opportunities are available for adopting children through the State of Illinois. Be surprised by how clear the path is. How deep your heart can swell.

Tim and Megan Weston, a young couple who by choice started their family through State adoption, will be a part of the discussion covering adoption issues. Tim says: “Adoption is both heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. It’s tough. It’s challenging. And it’s bittersweet. But most of all, it’s worth it.”

The Weston Family on Adoption Day - Photographed by Susan McConnell
The Weston Family on Adoption Day – Photographed by Susan McConnell

One topic Tim is sure to discuss is the positive and healthy relationship they’ve established with their son, Jacob’s birth family. “We normally visit with them once every two or three months and they shower him with love (and gifts!) every time.”

Tim works in human resources for a residential treatment center serving mostly foster children who have fallen victim to countless failed placements. Of their decisions to adopt, he says: “Days before we decided to become foster parents back in 2012, we asked God to break our hearts for what breaks His and the rest is history.”

The Weston Family on Adoption Day - Photographed by Susan McConnell
The Weston Family on Adoption Day – Photographed by Susan McConnell

Representatives from the State of Illinois and nonprofit agency adoption recruiters will join Tim Weston on the panel to discuss and answer questions about different aspects of the adoption experience. Susan Stoga, a board member of Let It Be Us, will act as moderator.

During the April 11th event you can view the Illinois Heart Gallery photography exhibit. It features children currently available for adoption. Imagine who they are, what they want; how they will become who they are meant to be.

Should you go to this event if you know you won’t be adopting a child? Yes. You can share what you learn with others who may be interested or those who think they are not eligible. This will be a big help. Awareness is one of the things that can definitely help kids and hopeful families connect.

Sponsored by Let It Be Us

Adoption Through the State of Illinois is being sponsored by the non-profit organization, Let It Be Us, founded by Barrington resident Susan McConnell. “We have built a strong and innovative bridge between the children available for adoption through the State of Illinois and the potential adoptive parents,” she says. For those who are frustrated by domestic or foreign adoption processes, McConnell says, “You can get in a different line and become a family for sure in a much shorter time.” McConnell first got involved with State adoption as a photographer for the Illinois Heart Gallery.

If there is room to make yours a bigger, fuller family be sure to attend Adoption Through the State of Illinois. Or be the eyes and ears for those who cannot attend.

(CLICK HERE to register online and learn more at LetItBeUs.org.)

For a closer look at the Weston family’s story, Susan McConnell captured their joy and emotion on camera the moment Tim and Megan became Jacob’s adoptive parents just before Christmas of 2014.

a christmas adoption from Susan McConnell on Vimeo.

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