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Do you ever wonder about other moms’ secrets? Like actual real beautiful day to day hard working moms? So often I see a darling one at a local park and think wow, she looks so great! I wonder what she is doing so well. With that in mind I’ve introduced a new series called Everyday Moms on my Barrington-based blog, A Life From Scratch, which we’re also sharing right here at 365Barrington.com. These are moms I know, moms who have been recommended to me, moms who inspire and are beautiful inside and out. Let’s peek into their lives just a bit, shall we?

Meet Krissy Lohmeyer

Location: Barrington, IL

Job: Stay at home mom & author of CrazyCloseKids.com

Kids: Emma (5), Chase (4), Peyton (3) and Brady (2 in January). YEP!

You’re in your closet – what do you reach for first? A camisole. I have them in every color and wear them every day… even in the summer.  I get cold easily and I swear they are slimming, which is helpful to a mom of 4 ages 5 and under.

Hands down the one beauty product you can’t live without. Only one! This one is easy… concealer. I mean, what mom can live without concealer?   It can make me look awake and minimize how noticeable my dark circles are in a matter of seconds.   It is the one product I won’t ever let myself run out of.

Your daily moisturizer. Are you happy with it? Yes, I do like the daily Arbonne moisturizer I own, but I hardly use it. I know, I need to use a daily moisturizer, but so many days I don’t get around to putting on anything more than my concealer.

Your nightly moisturizer. Are you happy with it? Well, you can probably guess that if I am not using a daily moisturizer consistently, my nightly one is non-existent. Not true… I do have one and I love it (Arbonne again), but I use it more as a necessity measure in the dead of winter when I am mad at myself for not having used the daily moisturizer regularly.

Something in your shopping cart online right now that you want to buy – budget is no limit. I want a John Deere Gator. We have a several acre yard with chickens and I love to garden, so I could use one… and pretty sure my kids would LOVE to ride around on it, which brings about a whole new level of usefulness in entertainment value.

How do you feel your beauty routine changed when you became a mom? I was pretty minimalist before, so it hasn’t changed much… mostly, I just don’t wear much more than concealer and mascara most days when before being a mom, I wouldn’t have left the house without all of my make-up on. (All = concealer, mascara and eye shadow…yeah, I skip the eye shadow a lot these days)

Biggest indulgence you allow yourself. Weekly date night with my amazing husband. We love our kids beyond measure, but we try not to forget that we loved each other first.  I don’t think a weekly date night should be considered an indulgence because it is so important to stay connected as a couple, but I also know that it is something many couples struggle with making happen for a lot of different reasons, so for now, I do think it is an indulgence.

Tell us about your kid(s). I have 4 amazing little ones; my oldest is a girl and then I have three boys. Emma (age 5), Chase (age 4), Peyton (age 3) and Brady (2 in January) and yes, one of the fun facts about our family is that the kids are all crazy close in age.  They were born 13 months, 14 months and 20 months apart (I mean, my oldest 3 are less than 2.5 years apart in age… what was I thinking?!).  But in all honesty, our house is a little chaotic at times, but it is mostly fun and I love seeing the built-in playmates my crazy close kids have in each other.  Life has definitely gotten easier as they have gotten older, which I am beyond thankful for and I can’t wait to see what the years to come bring.

What is your biggest struggle as a mom day to day? Logistics. Keeping everyone busy doing the things they love and help them grow while also making sure each kiddo gets enough one-on-one time.

What is your biggest happiness as a mom day to day? I don’t have one… I have four. I get more hugs and I love yous from my four kiddos than I could ever ask for.  And there is nothing better than snuggling with one of them on the sofa or as they are lying in bed about to fall asleep.

Snap your fingers – you could have a magic fairy help you with one thing around the home every day. What is it? I would love to have a personal organizer. Eric and I have been married for 7 years this January and since getting married we have had 4 kids, have had 4 different addresses and lived in 2 different states.  I have done my best to keep things organized through all of that, but it sure would be amazing to have a fairy come in my house and magically get everything organized for me.  I find it easy to keep things organized once I get around to it, but taking the time to organize in the first place is my weakness.

Because you are oh so pretty, tell us about your favorite feature! I am not going to lie, birthing back-to-back babies a couple of times over has changed some of my best features, but it also has improved one: my ability to enjoy even the most insane situations.  I am not saying I never lose it (I am not super human, after all), but when the end of the day rolls around and I am laughing at the craziness that the day brought to me with having 4 little ones running around, it makes me smile.  My kids have taught me how to truly not sweat the small stuff and I think that is my best feature.  And soon enough, I will have my best physical features back in addition.

Lovely, thank you Krissy! I have to say, gotta love a girl that wants a John Deere Tractor. Thank you for sharing your darling family with ALFS and with us. So glad Beckett and Chase have brought us together!

About the Author

courtney-glantz-a-life-from-scratch-squareBarrington writer and mom of two boys, Courtney Glantz, shares stories of what is happening in her kitchen and home on the oh so authentic lifestyle blog, A Life From Scratch. Follow along at A-Life-From-Scratch.com to read about what Courtney’s cooking, her thoughts on motherhood, her Sunday meal plan line ups, gift ideas, home design, fashion, and more!

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