NoonDaily | Snowy Scenes, Sweet Treats & Holiday Cheer

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Snowy scenes, sweet treats and holiday cheer from around town take the spotlight in today’s NoonDaily Update.

Can you match the photos with their captions below?

1. Elizabeth Ashby Photography | UnderDog has competition! #snowdog #dogphotography @ProjectAshby…

1. ChickfilA Kildeer | In the holiday spirit at ChickfilA in Kildeer ?! #holiday #cfakildeer #christmas2016…

3. 365Barrington | The beauty of Baker’s Lake in the winter…

4. Deer Park Town Center | Festive holiday shopping at #DeerParkTownCenter?…

5. Embracing Grace Photography | Holiday Love from our home to yours. #holidaylovinhome #mycolorfulchristmas #365BarringtonSnow…

6. ScottR116 | Birdseye View of Baker’s Lake #AerialPhotography #FromWhereIDrone #BarringtonIllinois….

7. Ambrosia Patisserie | Fresh fruit croissant, anyone? ? Take your pick: peach brûlée, Apple, cherry, blueberry, or apricot raspberry marmalade! #AmbrosiaPatisserie #RiseAndShine…

8. Morgan Mehalic Designs | Tiger eye ring #holiday #morganmehalicdesigns #365barrington…

9. Embracing Grace Photography | Yes, I ventured out into this invigorating landscape this afternoon. -4 degrees. #CleanFreshAir #ofsimplethings #barringtonil…

Our NoonDaily Updates are a new approach to gathering information and sharing the good things happening locally. Each day we publish a post at noon featuring the latest collected photos and information from various sources around town and we hope you’ll join us in sharing.


Here’s how it works:

Each day we publish a post at noon featuring the latest collected photos and information from various sources around town and we hope you’ll join us! Whether you’re a local resident, photographer, writer, business owner, student, PR pro, marketing guru, non-profit organizer, event planner, REALTOR, religious leader or volunteer, we invite you to please share your news, views and daily snapshots right along with us. Posts submitted will be featured on our constantly updated NoonDaily page at

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Why NoonDaily?

Gone are the days when local news arrived only with the paperboy or via regularly scheduled newscasts. Social media has changed the news cycle so dramatically that we find ourselves longing for a return to life with less disruption. At the same time, social media continues to enhance the best part of our work, which has always been learning from your story ideas, recommendations and experiences. NoonDaily is our commitment to gathering ideas about local happenings and presenting information thoughtfully, regularly with respect for your time. So we hope you will join us in sharing slices of life locally, right here at noon daily.

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