Barrington Songwriter Needs Votes in Nashville Songwriting Contest

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North Barrington songwriter, Bryan Vrablik is a frontrunner in the Nashville Songwriters Association International’s “Top 40” competition. Bryan  currently has over 2500 votes for his song, When I Play Guitar in the Dark. The contestant next in line is right behind him with over 2270 votes so Bryan could use our help to win it!

It takes less than 30 seconds to vote. Just click the Green “thumbs up” button by Bryan’s song. You can only vote once per device, but voting from multiple devices is permitted. Voting ends at midnight on February 28th.

Click here to vote for Bryan today and help earn a win for our local songwriter!

Bryan says his song, When I Play Guitar In The Dark is unique because of its compelling contrast between the intimacy of the verses and bigness of the chorus. It is written from a man’s perspective, and the soaring chorus speaks to the notion of going out to conquer the world, and how those victories can taste sweet. But the verses, by contrast, speak to how in the end it really doesn’t mean much if you don’t have someone to share it with in the intimate moments of life.

To win the competition Bryan needs votes (likes) as it is an online contest. At this point it’s a two man race with Bryan one of the leading contestants. The winning song will be presented to 50 Nashville Publishers…which is a big deal in the songwriting realm.

Click here to vote for Bryan today and help earn a win for our local songwriter!

Born and raised in Cary, Bryan began playing the guitar at age ten and soon after began taking lessons at the local music store. Learning the guitar was a source of fascination for Bryan, but even more captivating was the idea of creating brand new songs the world had never heard before. His first taste of that thrill was when he found out that his guitar teacher at that little music store in Cary was none other than Richard Trentlage, the guy who wrote the famous jingle, “I Wish I Were an Oscar Mayer Weiner” which was in heavy rotation on TV and radio all over the country. A year or two later Bryan began writing his own songs.

His mother, Lorraine, was a very accomplished torch singer who could captivate an audience with her renditions of love songs from the great American songbook.

When he was in his early teens, Bryan and Lorraine began writing songs together and performing at churches, retirement homes, and the annual ‘Pool Party’ in their neighborhood in Cary called Trout Valley. It was there the mother and son act caught the attention of a neighbor, Herb Gronauer, who at one time had been Judy Garland’s manager, ironically Lorraine’s childhood idol. Herb encouraged them to keep writing songs and he eventually put them in touch with a top producer in Nashville named Brien Fischer. From that point on they had caught the recording bug and continued writing and recording together for many years.

Bryan carried on as a musician and songwriter in his own right and was a lead guitarist for 8 years at Willow Creek Church in South Barrington.

In the last few years he has returned to recording in Nashville and has rekindled his relationships there in Music City. Part of that process included becoming a member of the Nashville Songwriter’s Association (NSAI), which is arguably the pre-eminent songwriting association in the world.

Bryan says, in music, it all begins with the song. “Songs are the railroad tracks the whole music industry rides on.” Let’s support this local songwriter and help him make a splash in Nashville before his train leaves the station when voting ends at the end of February.

Listen to more of Bryan’s music at

Click here to vote for Bryan today and help earn a win for our local songwriter!

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