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Regular Customer Calls Egg Harbor Café Cappuccino “Best in Universe”

Regular Customer Calls Egg Harbor Café Cappuccino “Best in Universe”

When you run a business that purchases international hospitality and food retail companies, you notice great service when you see it. As the director general of a company that does just that, Village of Barrington resident, Anthony Oliver says his daily destination for a cappuccino and occasional breakfast is Egg Harbor Café.

“I’ve been to many restaurants around the world and what’s really special about this place is its consistent positive energy and the vibe from all the people who work here,” Anthony says. “Anybody can build a restaurant. Anybody can hire a chef to flip a few eggs. Egg Harbor Café is getting this many young professionals to show up here every morning and serve with a nice, cheerful demeanor. That does not happen by accident. It comes from upper management and then trickles down from the top.”

Anthony calls himself a “creature of routine”, ordering a simple poached egg on toast or a waffle when he comes for breakfast. “The food is always great and, if something’s not right, they fix it. To me, consistency is very important and so is a serene, clean and welcoming environment. Being at Egg Harbor Café is just a nice way to start the day.”

In fact, Anthony says that service with a smile might be the secret ingredient that makes his morning cappuccino taste so much better. “It’s the best cappuccino in town, perhaps the country and maybe even the universe,” Anthony says with a wink. “The product is better, but I believe the taste improves dramatically when it’s served with a positive attitude.”

Located at 125 W. Main Street in the heart of downtown Barrington, Egg Harbor Café* offers great service and delicious breakfast and lunch specialties. Intelligentsia coffee freshly brewed and brought to your table in a carafe. Made-to-order specialty beverages from the espresso bar. Efficient, friendly service for business diners. Creative daily specials. A children’s menu and coloring contest for families. A gluten free menu with amazing gluten free pancakes and cinnamon rolls from Sweet Ali’s Gluten Free Bakery. Authentic stone-ground grits from Allen Brothers Milling Company. Many fresh, healthy options from locally owned and operated businesses plus patio dining during warm weather months! Learn more at

*Egg Harbor Cafe one of our valued clients, lending support to the work we do to celebrate the community daily at*

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