For the Love of a Kitchen (and MOM) on Mother’s Day

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A mom and a kitchen – they just tend to naturally go hand in hand. The kitchen is generally the mom zone in the house and it is the place where her family comes to gather together to eat a meal or socialize and catch up on the day. It’s the room that holds a conversation with a mom and her child over a cup of milk. It’s that same kitchen that welcomes back the adult child into sharing a conversation just this time it’s not milk – it’s a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Some of life’s best mom moments are the memories she creates in her kitchen.

In celebrating our mom’s on this day, we asked several members of our community to share with us one of their favorite mom moments in the kitchen as well as their favorite mom-cooked meal. As you can see by their answers, just like a kitchen, a mom holds a special place in the heart and home of her children. Happy Mother’s Day!

The Shechtman’s (Grade School, Middle School and High school)

“Our favorite moment in the kitchen with our mom is during the holidays. It is so much fun to prepare a lot food for our family. Even though it is a lot of work, it is worth it! Our favorite meal prepared by our mom is spaghetti and meatballs! She makes it all the time and it is soo yummy!!”

Henry and Charlie Christensen (6 years)

“Our favorite moment in the kitchen is making our own personal pizzas with mommy. We got to put some toppings on the pizza and some straight into our mouths!”

Charlie’s favorite meal is homemade chocolate chip muffins. Henry’s is mini apple pies made from the apples he picked with his family at the orchard.

Lily Kaepplinger (Senior, Barrington HS)

“My favorite moment of my mom and I in the kitchen was one time when we were making tacos together I wanted to help her. So I tried breaking up the ground beef while it was cooking, but it was still frozen. And I kept pushing harder on it to break it apart. The spatula completely broke in half. And one of the halves went flying across the room.”

Favorite mom-made meal: Pork tacos in the crockpot or spaghetti

Samantha Szela (Senior, Barrington HS)

“I’d say my favorite moment with my mom in the kitchen would be the time we made pasta from scratch. It was a more difficult recipe than I was used to but it ended up being a great meal and a great way to spend time with my mom.”

Favorite mom-made meal: Homemade mostaccioli or lemon pepper chicken!

Wright Family – Brady Wright (Freshman, HS)

“A favorite moment with my mom in the kitchen was when we cooked crab together on Christmas Eve!”

Favorite meal mom-made meal: “Beef Burgundy. It’s so delicious and definitely a family favorite!”

Wright Family – Alex Wright (College Grad)

“My favorite moments with my mom are in the morning having coffee. She makes the best breakfast too!

I love when my mom makes chicken paprikash for dinner, it’s one of my favorites! So yummy and always prepared with love.”

Our love for mom grows even more fond as we become moms. We asked Andrea if she would share with us a little about her favorite mom moments with her own mom. Here is what she shared with us…

Andrea Wright (Mom to Alex, Josh and Brady)

“This is my all time favorite photo of me and my mom. I wrapped my arms around her and have never let go. As a single mother she has always protected me and taught me all I need to know to be successful. Her love for me is unconditional and I’m grateful to have her.

Best kitchen conversation – when we were cooking and she said, ‘You will succeed in life. I taught you all I knew along the way, but you already had greatness in you, that I couldn’t teach. You just had it.

My mom makes me Beef Burgundy better than anyone on Earth, making this my very favorite family heirloom recipe”

Victor Albano (Freshman HS)

“My favorite memories of my mom and I in the kitchen are when we bake chocolate chip cookies. My favorite meal she makes for me is French Bread Cheese Pizza.”

Frankie Whitlock (Freshman HS)

“My favorite memory was when I was young my mom and I would cook together for my dad and sister. My favorite treat my mom bakes for me is banana bread.”

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