104. Help a Family with Wishes for Scarlett

104.  Help a Family with Wishes for Scarlett

In the weeks prior to this past Christmas, a fourth grade teacher at Hough Street Elementary School and a friend of mine here in Barrington, Rachel Sepe, sent an email requesting prayers for her eight-month-old daughter, Scarlett.  The severity of Rachel’s email was startling.  Because of a hand tremor present at birth and difficulties rolling and bearing weight on her feet, Scarlett’s doctors had ordered tests for a genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. In that late November email, Rachel wrote,

“SMA is a terminal disease that causes muscles to deteriorate which eventually leads to respiratory failure. The life expectancy varies, but for a child Scarlett’s age who is already showing symptoms, it isn’t very long. As you can imagine, Mike and I are filled with fear and grief over the magnitude of what may lie ahead. We are asking everyone to please pray specifically that this test comes back negative.”

The waiting period for those test results was an excruciating two weeks.  As we all hung ornaments and prepared for Santa’s arrival, the Sepe family mailed their annual holiday card and prayed for a miracle.

But on December 14, Rachel and Mike Sepe received the news they most feared.  Scarlett has SMA, a disease for which there is no treatment or cure.  Their smiley, bright eyed and perfectly beautiful baby girl faces a lifetime of physical challenges as the disease weakens the muscles she needs to crawl, walk, eat, swallow and breathe.   I recently sat with Rachel on her family room couch and asked how she was doing.  There was a long, silent pause before she wiped away tears and whispered, “There are no words.”

Since the diagnosis, Rachel and Mike have spent hours with Scarlett and specialists at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago.   They’re still adjusting to a new world of unknowns which includes medical tests, sleep studies and questions that can’t be answered.  When will Scarlett’s more serious symptoms appear?  Will they be able to protect her from common colds that could threaten her life?  Will she have trouble breathing in the middle of the night?

And as the reality of Scarlett’s condition sinks in, there’s no quieting financial concerns about how they’ll afford all the needs that medical insurance may not cover.  A child’s wheelchair alone can cost up to $40,000 and their car and home both need to be made accessible.  It’s uncharted territory for any mom, let alone one who prides herself on being organized, in control and prepared for anything.

Two months after Scarelett’s diagnosis, Rachel has put her thoughts into words and is sharing her story publicly.  This week, the Sepe family introduced a website at WishesForScarlett.com.  It’s a way for them to explain the disease and let others know what’s happening with updates about Scarlett’s condition and the latest SMA research.  I know it wasn’t easy to write, but I want to share a few excerpts here because you can’t help but be moved by the words Rachel shares about the experience and their wishes for Scarlett…

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103. Barrington Real Estate Market Checkup – FEB, 2012

103. Barrington Real Estate Market Checkup – FEB, 2012

Though winter won’t change to spring until March 20th, as Realtors in Barrington, it’s at exactly this time of year when we see the first signs of accelerating real estate activity and the unofficial start of the spring selling season. People who want to buy a home start contacting us for more info about available properties. People who want to sell a home call us for guidance about preparations, pricing, next steps and our recommendations for the best timing.  One of the biggest things we’re hearing from sellers today sounds something like this:

“Because of the state of the economy, we’ve been sitting tight for a while now and waiting to sell our home.  But we’d rather not wait any longer.  Our needs have changed and we’re ready to make a move.  So when is best time to put our home on the market?  Should the For Sale sign go up now or should we wait?”

To answer this question, all we have to do is share the numbers in Barrington because our local real estate statistics speak volumes.  To give you a quick overview of the data, here are a few simple visuals depicting some exciting new trends here in Barrington…

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101. Treat Your Tushie to the “Best Seat in the House”

101. Treat Your Tushie to the “Best Seat in the House”

 Isn’t it always great to have the best seat in the house? Wouldn’t it be even better if that seat wasn’t 63 years old and “…re-stuffed, re-sprung and re-upholstered too many times to count!” Well, your dreams are about to come true and the booties of Barrington will benefit with a fun event happening this weekend that’s all about replacing the seats in Barrington High … Read more…

100. Recommend the Best of Barrington

100.  Recommend the Best of Barrington

 Because I’ve been writing this blog for two years and working as a Realtor much longer, people often ask me for recommendations, from top doctors to dog watchers, parks to pizza places, tailors to take-out. Newcomers and people who already live here are always looking for the best of the best and that personal endorsement that you won’t find in any phone book.  After all, … Read more…