37. Make a Mom-Stop at the Flower Shop

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Mother's Day at the Barrington Flower Shop

One of the busiest places in Barrington this weekend is one of the oldest places in town.  There’s a lot of history at the Barrington Flower Shop on Cook Street and designers there are working overtime to prepare beautiful bouquets for moms this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day at the Barrington Flower Shop

Did you know the Barrington Flower Shop used to be the town’s general store?  That’s what the building was built for back in 1872.  It was also home to the post office, a funeral home and a TV repair store at different points in time before it became a flower shop in the mid-70’s.  The owner, Glen Eleland, tells me it’s the longest running commercial building in Barrington.

Barrington Flower ShopGlen says Mother’s Day is right up there with Christmas and Valentine’s Days as the busiest flower holidays of the year. The biggest seller this weekend? Tulip bouquets in all colors. Tulips in a vase with a bow start at $40 at the Barrington Flower Shop, but they’ve sold larger quantities, like the 160 tulip bouquet they recently designed for a guy who was proposing to his girlfriend. That one cost $320. Glen says you get the most flowers for your money with the “Mixed Spring Arrangement”, an assortment of lilies, tulips, irises and other spring favorites. Those also start at $40. But the biggest splurge for mom is the Cymbidium orchid arrangements. A single stem is absolutely gorgeous, but it’ll set you back $45. They have a beautiful one-stem orchid arrangement in a vase with rocks and greenery for $75.

Barrington Flower Shop

The Barrington Flower Shop will be taking orders for Mother’s Day bouquets until about noon tomorrow and you can check out their bouquets on their website at BarringtonFlowerShop.com. But if you miss that deadline, stop by the shop anyway. The cool historic space is filled with other great gifts for mom like potpourri and lovely items for your home and garden. After all, you know what they say, “Home is where the mom is.”

Barrington Flower Shop

201 South Cook Street

Barrington, Illinois 60010


Hours: 9-5 Monday through Friday, 9-4 Saturday and closed on Sunday

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