150. Spruce Things Up at 365Barrington.com

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365Barrington.com Before the Redesign

We’re on day 150 here at 365Barrington.com. Though I’m not quite half way through, somehow #150 feels like progress. While I’ve been busy keeping up with my daily posts, we’ve been working, behind the scenes, on ways to make this website more useful. Today, we’re launching our new look, for now, with new plans to add more information on this site about the state of the real estate market here in Barrington. Here’s how 365Barrington.com looked this morning:

365Barrington.com Before the Redesign

We hope you like the new design! With the help of a great local website designer and creative mind by the name of Matt Chevy, we’ve revamped the look of our site by adding a splash of color and a little more character. We’re excited about the new look and I’m thrilled to be nearing the half-way-point in my quest to come up with 365 Things to do in Barrington. We’ll be adding some cool new features and content here in the coming weeks.  But in the meantime, I want to thank you for being here.  I sincerely appreciate all of the ideas you’ve suggested.  While this is a big undertaking, knowing you’re here is what helps keep me motivated. There are SO MANY MORE things to do coming up in Barrington and even more cool people in town that I would love for you to meet. When it comes to sharing great things about Barrington, you have my promise that I’ll keep after it, one day at a time, until day 365!

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