282. Sing Along with ScribbleMonster

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Scribblemonster Kids Concert at the Barrington Area Library
Photo Courtesy of Andrew Collings

The children’s band, ScribbleMonster will be rocking the house tomorrow morning at the Barrington Area Library.  Bring your kids and plan on singing along with band members, “Scribble Jim” and “Scribble Jayne” for about an hour, starting at 10AM.

Scribblemonster Kids Concert at the Barrington Area Library
Photo Courtesy of Andrew Collings

I just got off the phone with “Scribble Jim” and he says he’s really excited for tomorrow’s concert. His real name is James Dague and he’s the creator of the childrens’ band, Scribblemonster and illustrator of ScribbleBooks, a series of creative coloring books where where kids don’t have to worry about staying in the lines.

Jim says, “Everything we do is designed to give kids opportunities to be creative with an apporoach where there’s really no right or wrong way to do it so they’re always going to be successful.”   So for tomorrow’s concert, Jim and Jayne will perform some of the band’s most popular songs and invite the audience to participate throughout.  “No one is going to just sit and watch us.  With everything we do we invite people to join us.  It’s creative, it’s playful and it’s fun!”

The concert will take place from 10AM until 11AM tomorrow morning in the Barrington Library’s meeting room.  They’re offering 180 FREE TICKETS and will be passing those tickets out in the Youth Services Department starting 15 minutes before the program begins.  Jim says the show is perfect for children from ages 2 through 9 and up and he says they also specialize in performances for children on the autism spectrum.  The band’s latest CD, called Songs with No Character was named one of the “Top 5 Kids & Family Albums of the Year” by National Public Radio, a “Parenting Pick” by Parenting Magazine and “One of the Top 25 Albums for Kids and Parents of All Time” by AOL’s parenting site called “Parent Dish”.  Here’s a video of the group performing one of their most popular songs Chocolate Milk, “The World’s Only Drinking Song for Children”.

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