• 78. Schedule a Date with Santa

     One of the biggest things going in Barrington this weekend, aside from turkey cooking and holiday shopping, is the chance to catch up with the...

  • ONE

     We’ve finally reached Number ONE in our 10-day countdown here at 365Barrington.com and my tidbit for today is a success story that shows how best-loved...

  • TWO

     Hmmm…now what can I say about the number two? Any back seat drivers out there? If so, like me, you’ve probably pulled out the old...


     Old English thrīe |Indo-european *TREYES, *TISORES, *TRI | Sanskrit TRÎ, trayaḥ (m), tisraḥ (f), trīṇi (f) | Greek, Attic TPEIΣ, TPIA TRÊS, TRIA | Latin...

  • FOUR

     Old English feower | Indo-european KWETORES KWETESRES |Sanskrit CATÙR | Proto-Hellenic QWET(O)RO- | Greek, Attic τέτταρες, τέτταρα TETTARES, TETTARA | Latin QUATTUOR | Archaic Latin...

  • FIVE

     Old English fîf |Indo-european PENKWE | Sanskrit PAÑCA | Greek, Attic ΠENTE PENTE | Latin QVINQVE | Archaic Latin PENQVE | Vulgar Latin CINQUE |...

  • SIX

     Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person...


     Old English seofon |Indo-european septm | Sanskrit SAPTA | Greek, Attic ‘EΠTA HEPTA | Latin SEPTEM | Italian sette | French sept | Spanish siete...

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