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355. The Priceless Gift of a Thomas Balsamo Family Portrait

355. The Priceless Gift of a Thomas Balsamo Family Portrait

Home Newsroom 355. The Priceless Gift of a Thomas Balsamo Family Portrait

If you’re looking for a holiday gift that’s one-of-a-kind, unique to your family and and becomes more valuable with age, there’s one guy you definitely want to call. He’s Barrington’s own Thomas Balsamo, a true portrait artist who has photographed countless local faces and is known for his rare ability to capture personalities, not just pictures.

Portraits by Thomas
Portraits by Thomas

During the season of giving, I can’t think of a gift that celebrates home quite like a cherished family portrait. Ever since I heard Thomas is currently booking family photo sessions while everyone’s in town for the holidays, I’ve been dropping hints to my husband that it might be time to schedule our own first family portrait by Thomas Balsamo.

For the past 36 years Thomas, a lifelong  Barrington resident, has earned a reputation for excellence in studio photography.  You’ll notice Thomas’ artistry in subtle to striking details like captivating eyes, relaxed angles, gentle touches and expressions that reflect the dynamics of family relationships.

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Thomas calls  his art “interpretive portraiture” and says his clients come to him looking for something specific.

“They’re people who really want to remember and preserve the stage their children are in right now.  I capture the essence of these children, these families and their relationships in an accurate way so they can be remembered ten, twenty or thirty-plus years from now because our lives our so fleeting and seem to move so fast.”

Thomas says a big part of his secret is in his process.

“Anybody can take a picture with their camera, but my goal is to create much more than just a physical record.  In the studio, I help people relax and be themselves.  When they let their guard down and trust in me, then I capture moments where they’re in that place of being at peace and feeling good about themselves and that’s probably more important than the technique behind the camera, to be honest.”

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He’s putting that same process to work in a new offering called Living Portraits where he captures the essence of his subjects through film, creating personal records to be cherished for generations.

“Our Living Portraits allow us to tell the deeper stories of individuals as they speak from the heart,” Thomas says. “We create an environment where they can be comfortable and open, while sharing their experiences, memories, life lessons, passions, wisdom and the intimate, personal and profound stories of a lifetime.”

If you’d like to learn more about Thomas’ Living Portraits or schedule a family portrait session with Thomas this holiday season, he still has openings on his schedule.

You can reach Thomas directly at 847.487.7710.  For more information, click here to find Thomas’ Facebook page or visit his website at

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