133. Menu Monday: Savory Salads’ Turkey Spinach Panini & Southwestern Salad

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Savory Salads' Turkey Panini & Southwestern Salad Combo

It’s Menu Monday and we’re keeping things fresh and healthy this week with a trip to Savory Salads in Barrington.

Savory Salads- 215 N. Hough Street in Barrington, Illinois
Savory Salads- 215 N. Hough Street in Barrington, Illinois

Did you know that you can try two of Savory Salads’ most popular dishes with one order? Owner Stephanie Jameson Dzugan says people absolutely LOVE the Turkey Spinach Panini. Order the 1/2 panini with 1/2 salad combo and you can also try their popular Southwestern Salad on one plate!

Savory Salads' Turkey Panini & Southwestern Salad Combo
Savory Salads’ Turkey Panini & Southwestern Salad Combo

The Turkey Spinach Panini features turkey, pesto mayo, spinach and provolone cheese served on freshly baked panini bread.  The Southwestern Salad is made with mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, jicama, corn, avocado, homemade tortilla strips, and Savory’s ranch dressing.  The combo costs $8.75 and you can also choose soup instead of the salad or sandwich.  “It’s a great deal for all of the food that you receive,” Stephanie says.  “We can barely fit it all on the plate!”

Stephanie says customers really love that they make their fresh panini loaves and pesto mayo from scratch.  “The reason people love the Southwestern Salad is, hands down, because of our ranch! We make all of our dressings from scratch at Savory Salads and this particular dressing has fresh dill, parsley and chives in it. We also use low fat buttermilk!”

If you have a favorite dish from a Barrington area restaurant, please let us know about it in the comments box below.  We’ll do a little “research” and feature your recommendation on an upcoming Menu Monday.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you pay Savory Salads a visit at 215 N. Hough Street in Barrington and check out their menu and catering options online at  Savory-Salads.com.

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