Travel House: Vacation Trends for Baby Boomers & Mature Travelers

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Because of our exclusive industry connections, at Travel House we are known for offering tremendous value as we craft extraordinary travel experiences for our clients in a range of budgets. As a member of the Virtuoso travel network, Travel House has access to a vast selection of partners in the travel and leisure industry. Virtuoso Life recently shared some interesting findings about travelers’ habits by age group that reflect our experience locally.

Travel House - Travel at Every Age - 2

To continue our series on different age groups and their travel styles, this month we’ve chosen to take a closer look at the travel preferences of Baby Boomers and the More Mature age groups. Here’s a snapshot of some of their travel styles and choices along with a few recommendations for some truly unforgettable travel experiences.

Boomers (Age 50-68)

  • Multigenerational Trips
  • Experience over cost
  • “If not now, when?”

Locally, this group spends the most money on travel, largely because they are well established in their careers and tend to be in managerial roles that allow them to take more time off. Baby Boomers are interested in introducing their grandchildren to travel.

Travel House - Travel at Any Age - Boomers

Travel House Inc. owner, Eleanor Nelson recently booked a family of 16 – three generations, from grandparents down to a 2-year-old – on a seven-night Alaska Cruise with two-nights in Denali National Park. “The whole family came together when spotting animals on a wilderness tour.”

Eleanor says many Boomers locally focus on unique experiences. “They have an ‘If not now, then when?’ approach on travel and realize that their dream trips in the next phase of their life might be limited by mobility concerns. They want to see the world, see it now, and see it with family.”

Try these trips:

Take the family on a custom designed 15 day Kenya Safari, rent a multi-bedroom Tuscan Villa or Cruise the Caribbean in style.

Matures (Age 69+)

  • Leisurely adventuring
  • Planned itineraries
  • Cruising

Cruising spikes in popularity with this group, and one oft-cited reason is the “only unpack once” advantage. “In general, older clientele appreciate a planned itinerary,” Eleanor says. “They like knowing from day to day what will be happening and where they’re sleeping each night.”

Travel House - Travel at Any Age - Matures - 2Each traveler is different, of course, and many remain focused on adventures and new experiences well into their eighties. They choose what’s right for them!

Eleanor points out another trend for this group is that priorities become more important. “Some will want to see India now and then plan a more relaxing itinerary in a few years,” Eleanor says. “The pacing of trips is important too – another reason cruising reigns supreme in this demographic. Older travelers require a bit more downtime and, overall, that often creates a more enjoyable trip.”

Try these trips:

Sail the classic Danube on a 11 day river cruise from Prague to Budapest, Journey through Asia for 34 days on a cruise or celebrate a milestone in Paris once again!

Which style of traveling is right for you? Call Travel House at 847-381-0600 to discuss your travel dreams today.

On Condé Nast’s list of the top 100 travel agencies in the country for nearly fifteen years, Travel House Inc has been helping Barrington area residents plan travel experiences with outstanding quality since 1968.

Travel House - VirtuosoAs a member of the Virtuoso travel network, Travel House has access to a vast selection of suppliers and partners in the travel and leisure industry.

With these exclusive connections, Travel House advisors offer clients with a range of budgets tremendous value and craft experiences that simply can not be discovered with individual research online.

Travel House Inc is located upstairs in Barrington’s Ice House Mall at 200 Applebee Street (Suite 200) and their advisors look forward to helping you plan your next adventure! For more information, call 847-381-0600 or visit

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