Four Leap Day Babies Born at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital

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Adorable newborns leapt all over Advocate hospitals, including Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, on February 29. A total of four happy babies were born on Leap Day in the Barrington hospital’s birthing center. More than 23,000 babies are born each year across Advocate Health Care, but the February 29th newcomers across the system and the four at Good Shepherd Hospital command added attention.

“Every baby born at an Advocate hospital is a special one, but there’s something a little extra special about entering the world on this once-every-four-year event,” said Mike Farrell, President at Advocate Children’s Hospital. “It’s definitely a birthday that will make them stand out for the rest of their lives; that date adds flair.”

The likelihood of being born on Leap Day is one in 1,461. In a world of more than 7 billion people, it is estimated that only about 5 million, or around .07 percent of the total population, can stake a claim to a February 29 birthday.

Good Shepherd Hospital OB/GYNs, pediatricians, nurses and associates welcomed the newborns into the world by adorning them in adorable baby bibs with the words “Advocate Leap Day Baby” and a picture of the Advocate Children’s Hospital “Get-Well Pal” green frog. The frog is one of five members in the “Get-Well Pal” family, along with a brown and orange lion, black and white zebra, brown beaver and pink piglet.

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital Leap Day Babies:

  • The first leap day baby of Good Shepherd Hospital was baby James. Baby James will celebrate his birthday on February 28 in non-leap years.
  • Baby Lucy was welcomed into the world and will celebrate her birthday on February 28 in non-leap years.
  • Baby Scarlett was welcomed into the world and mom, Nicole Allard, even planned for the due date. Baby will celebrate her birthday on March 1 in non-leap years.
  • Baby Madelyn was welcomed into the world and will celebrate her birthday on March 1 because their first baby has a birthday on the first of the month as well.

Advocate Children’s Hospital looks forward to helping our Leap Day babies stay well, healthy and strong. To see photos of our Leap Day babies, check out our Facebook page at

Located at 450 W. Highway 22 in Barrington, Illinois, Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital is an acute care facility with more than 700 physicians representing 50 medical specialties. With a nationally-recognized cancer program, renowned cardiac care and an extensive range of outpatient services, Good Shepherd Hospital is part of Advocate Health Care, named one of the Top Ten hospital systems in the U.S. by Thomson-Reuters. For more about Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, visit

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital at 450 W. Highway 22 in Barrington

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