Lumen Optical Brings New Vision to the Eyewear Experience

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Have you heard about the new Lumen Optical eyecare boutique that just recently opened in Kildeer? They’ve transformed the routine task of updating your prescription and picking up new eyewear into a modern, fresh and fun experience and we’re loving it!

Walking into the light and bright Lumen Optical, located on Rand Road right across from Deer Park Town Center, feels a little like walking into an artist’s loft. I was immediately impressed with the open and welcoming atmosphere, stylish interior and friendly, knowledgeable staff. The fruit-infused water, clean & crisp decor and attention to detail made me feel like I was at a spa.

I sat down, filled out my information on a touchscreen tablet and then began my exam. All the staff was cheerful and caring. Store manager, Aaron, walked me through every step of the eye exam, which made the process refreshingly simple and streamlined.

A typical eye-glass exam, like mine, includes a special test on the Optomap, a machine typically used as a screening tool that looks at the back my eye. This potentially vision-saving test traditionally costs an extra fee, but at Lumen, it’s included with every exam at no extra cost.

When the exam was finished, I had ample time with the doctor to understand my prescription and to talk about my contacts and glasses needs. The exam itself was excellent. Not only do I feel confident with the results, I also appreciated that the entire eye exam cost only $79, with no additional fees.

After the exam, I sat comfortably at the spacious Frames Bar and had the opportunity to try new contacts the doctor recommended for my prescription and personal eye type. It was a pleasure to see that there is eyewear at every price range. With frames ranging from $49 to $700 handcrafted options, there is something for everyone. Although I didn’t choose new glasses that day, I enjoyed looking at the different frames and seeing that the pricing was so transparent and simple, which eliminated the stress I usually feel when looking for eyewear. Additonally, Lumen makes their own custom lenses in-house, so anyone can have their new glasses in just 24 hours!

The whole process at Lumen Optical felt thoughtful and designed for the customer—everything from the quality bag they gave me to the approachable kids’ area made me feel cared for and welcome to come as I am. Having worn contacts and glasses most of my life, I’d call my experience at Lumen Optical exceptional. I left feeling cared for, confident about my decisions and comfortable with the affordable price of the exam and eye care.

To experience Lumen Optical, you can easily make an appointment online or give them a call at 847-796-7060. They’re located at 20505 N Rand Rd #500, in Kildeer, right across the street from Deer Park Town Center. Click here to connect with Lumen Optical on Facebook and learn more at

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