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Do you ever wonder about other moms’ secrets? Like actual real beautiful day to day hard working moms? So often I see a darling one at a local park and think wow, she looks so great! I wonder what she is doing so well. With that in mind I’ve introduced a new series called Everyday Moms on my Barrington-based blog, A Life From Scratch, which we’re also sharing right here at These are moms I know, moms who have been recommended to me, moms who inspire and are beautiful inside and out. Let’s peek into their lives just a bit, shall we?


Meet Julie Carani!

Location: Barrington, IL

Job: Event Planner/Owner of international incentive travel company, Aces Abroad.

Kids: Ryder (10) and Meadow (8)

You’re in your closet – what do you reach for first? Usually lululemon and I probably won’t change until bedtime whether I hit the gym or not! And I may not even change for bed.

Hands down the one beauty product you can’t live without. Only one! Hair conditioner, specifically Schwarzkoph.

Your daily moisturizer. Are you happy with it? Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream.

Your nightly moisturizer. Are you happy with it? Same as daily… I love it but wish it smelled yummy.

Something in your shopping cart online right now that you want to buy – budget is no limit. Two dark brown tufted leather chairs for my fireplace.

How do you feel your beauty routine changed when you became a mom? It went to hell in a hand basket… I now fall asleep without brushing my teeth sometimes. I know. Ewwww.

Biggest indulgence you allow yourself. Horseback riding on Wednesday nights.

Tell us about your kid(s). My 100lb 10-year-old, tackle football playing, Mandarin speaking, rough and tumble son still calls me Mommy because I won’t answer to anything else. My equally rough and tumble 8-year-old, horse riding, frog and cricket collecting, water skiing daughter still tears up when she’s going to a sleepover because she will miss me. Though they are two years apart, they share birthdays. They both want me to sing “Silent Night” to them every night… I have sung this song approximately 6,500 times since they were born. For some reason, with all that practice, I haven’t gotten any better. WTH.

What is your biggest struggle as a mom day to day. Meal planning…. I can only ever think to make tacos (with the packets). Thank God for ALFS.

What is your biggest happiness as a mom day to day. The kids still argue over who gets to sit next to me at meals.

Snap your fingers – you could have a magic fairy help you with one thing around the home every day. What is it? She would brush my hair and massage my feet and fetch me icy cold La Croix. :)

Because you are oh so pretty, tell us about your favorite feature! Probably my height…. I can get away with more shenanigans than others who are more vertically challenged.

Thank you, Julie! I am absolutely honored to call you not only my neighbor and close friend but a partner in crime in raising our crew. I admire and am inspired by your sense of adventure whether it’s galavanting around the world or driving 100 miles for heirloom tomatoes for cooking club. Your kids, no doubt, will have that sense of adventure instilled in them. Love it. Thank you for sharing your time with A Life From Scratch!

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