Tour Barrington’s Only Blue Ribbon Middle School at Saint Anne Open House

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Saint Anne Parish Middle School is proud to be an integral part of a two-time National Blue Ribbon School of Academic Excellence 2016 & 2006. Our middle level students experience an environment that supports today’s young adults as they meet their world’s challenges. All are welcome to come and experience the Blue Ribbon difference at an Open House for all grades on Sunday, January 29th, following 9 a.m. mass until 12:30 p.m.

The Middle School Team is comprised of a faculty that has specifically chosen to work with, and advocate for adolescents. We are dedicated to engaging our students in significant learning experiences that are sensitive to individual differences and learning styles. Each middle school faculty member has certification in middle school and high school education and a passion that allows for instruction of a student, not merely for the teaching of a subject. The Saint Anne’s active, purposeful learning environment not only develops academic leaders with an appropriately rigorous curriculum, but also develops servant leaders with the provision of many service opportunities. We are very proud of our 6th to 8th grade student community that comfortably and successfully integrates knowledge and servant leadership within a faith-based environment.

Saint Anne Middle School Mission, Philosophy & Curriculum

Saint Anne Parish Middle School is rooted in academic excellence and Catholic values, empowering students to discover their God-given gifts and to use those gifts to become responsible members of society. Our middle level curriculum is guided by Archdiocesan Curriculum Standards and the Common Core State Standards. However, a “Common Core and more” philosophy is embraced in which the middle school team of teachers strive for higher levels of academic achievement from all our students grades 6 to 8. Click here to learn more about Saint Anne Middle School’s mission.

Saint Anne Student Achievements

In many ways, our accomplishments are measured in the successes of our students, past and present. To our great pride, many students have received academic accolades such as:

  • Illinois Science Fair award-winners
  • Catholic High School Academic Scholarship recipients
  • 2015 graduate – Published Author
  • Scholastic Bowl Team Championships
  • Junior National Academic Association’s Championships
  • American Legion Honors Recipients
  • Prudential Community Service Honors
  • average ACT of 27 for our SAS/ Barrington High School graduates
  • average ACT of 30.5 for our SAS/Saint Viator High School graduates
  • National Merit Finalists status
  • Illinois State Scholars

These achievements are possible in great part to the working partnerships that have been fostered with area high schools into which our graduates feed. Partnerships with key high school personnel have been built through articulation meetings, joint professional development, and frequent dialogues initiated by our Middle School Director, Lisa Torrence and Principal, Dawn Kapka. These relationships have aided us in establishing a curriculum that lands approximately twenty percent of our graduates in Honors and/or AP level classes as freshmen. More importantly, our Saint Anne Parish Middle School model has proven to mold individuals with a sense of perseverance and commitment to maintain that high level of achievement.

Saint Anne Student Servant Leaders

The 6th to 8th grade teachers and staff, in partnership with home, parish, and community, are dedicated not only to the high academic rigors offered each child, but also to the support of their emotional and social needs. St. Anne Parish School’s mission, to “grow servant leaders from the inside out”, is very much alive at our middle level. Students and faculty alike develop growth mindsets by setting goals, tracking their progress, and celebrating their achievements both in the classroom and in the larger community. Our goal is to prepare and inspire both current students and graduates to positively impact society in profound ways. Thus, servant leadership is a major component to our middle school curriculum.

Saint Anne Middle School Co-Curriculars

Beyond academic and service experiences, St. Anne Middle Schoolers explore and develop their interests and talents in multiple ways. Students participate in:

  • Student Leadership Commission
  • 3D Design and Engineering
  • Junior Achievement Economic, Finance, and Entrepreneurial studies
  • Athletics
  • Student chaired committees
  • Retreats and class trips to Chicago, Springfield, and Washington DC


“Having had two children graduate from St. Anne Parish School, I can say that they have been very well prepared and successful in college preparatory high school courses in Math, Science, Language Arts, and Foreign Language. The middle school, under the direction of Mrs. Lisa Torrence, has provided my children with an individualized, differentiated, and child-centered approach to their education that has been the foundation of their success in high school.” – Mrs. Christine Jodoin

“I feel truly blessed that Mrs. Lisa Torrence is still with us on staff at SAS….. she brings with her a level of expertise that not only has the knowledge and skill set to back it up, but also inspires the confidence of both the students and parents alike. She inspires students to reach within themselves to strive to meet their God given potential, yet, she does this in such a way that builds up each student’s own self esteem. Finally, Mrs. Lisa Torrence and the middle school team go above and beyond in striving to meet the personal, spiritual and academic challenges of our middle school youth. They are obviously committed to making sure that the overall curriculum, in particular, the math and science curriculum, are up to date and ahead of our competition.” – Mrs. Maria Liedlich

Catholic Schools Week Open House

Saint Anne Parish School is hosting an all school Open House on Sunday, January 29th following the 9am mass until 12:30am. Come visit us Sunday or during the week filled with our Blue Ribbon Catholic School Celebrations.

There are so many questions to ask when choosing a school for your children, preschool through middle school. Visit Saint Anne and see and hear for yourself the warm, inviting, caring, Catholic community. Registrations are now being accepted for the 2017-2018 school year. For more information and to schedule a tour, please call the school office at 847-381–0311 or visit Questions specific to middle school may be directed to Mrs. Lisa Torrence at ext 260 or

Saint Anne Parish School is dedicated to the formation and education of children from preschool through 8th grade in partnership with home, church and community. Located at 319 Franklin Street in Barrington, Illinois, the Saint Anne Parish School community is rich in Catholic values and academic excellence, empowering students to discover their God-given gifts and to use them as leaders of the Church and society. Click here to follow the latest Saint Anne Parish School updates on Facebook or visit their website at

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