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Moses may have brought the world the 10 Commandments after that close encounter with God on Mount Sinai. But have you ever heard about the 11th Commandment? This one is inscribed on a holy tablet somewhere in Barrington. We took a picture and it’s the focus of this week’s Guess Where Wednesday mystery photo contest. Can you guess where we were standing when we snapped this pic? If you can, you have a chance to win the prize which is somehow linked to the mystery location. It’s as simple as that! 🤔

If you think you know the answer, submit your guess in the comments box or contest entry form below by the end of the day Tuesday, March 12th, for a chance to win this week’s prize. We’ll tell all and reveal our randomly selected winner’s name next week when we debut another new mystery photo on Wednesday

There you go! For a chance to win, all you have to do is SUBMIT YOUR GUESS VIA THIS FORM...

Here’s one last look at this week’s mystery photo and good luck to all who enter!

Remember to pay attention to the sights you see around town. It’s the little details that could be on display the next time we ask “Guess Where, Barrington?”

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