Barrington Faith Leaders to Gather for First Community Service of Confession & Repentance

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Barrington Community Worship

For the first time, a group of Barrington faith leaders are inviting us to join them as a community for “A Service of Confession and Repentance”. All are welcome to join the service virtually starting at 6:50 on Monday, January 18th, Martin Luther King Day in Barrington. Community Church of Barrington’s Rev. Dr. Zina Jacque says members from the Barrington Area Ministerial Association will gather at Saint Anne Parish Community church to pray for our community and nation this Inauguration week, which is also the 2021 Week of Christian Unity. Click here to join the LIVE service remotely at 7p.m.

Rev. Dr. Zina Jacque says there will be musical accompaniment during the service where leaders from Atonement, Salem Methodist, Community Church of Barrington, Saint Michael’s Episcopal, Saint Mark’s Episcopal, Barrington United Methodist, and Saint Anne Catholic churches.

“No matter where you stand in your beliefs, something in our nation is broken, it is wounded, and we are in pain,” Zina says. “We need healing, but healing is never the first step. Healing in an outcome of a process. As Christians, what we know from our sacred text is that healing requires understanding what’s gone wrong and then working to correct that. So we want to start with confession, where we might begin to name some of the things that have gone wrong.”

“When somebody repents, what they’re saying is they seek to turn and go the other way. Repentance is like a U-turn sign and so we believe, with something broken in our nation, we need to go a different or another way.”

“That this is the day we celebrate MLK is an added bonus because he always wanted to bring alive the beloved community. Part of the way we bring alive the beloved community is that we seek to heal it. And this is the way we begin a process toward healing.”

Click here to join the LIVE service remotely at 7p.m.

About the Barrington Area Ministerial Association

The mission of the Barrington Area Ministerial Association is to work together for the Glory of God and the common good. Members include representatives, clergy and lay, from Christian congregations and organizations in the Barrington area. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month from 12 Noon to 1:30 p.m. at various church locations. Co-Presidents are Rev. Zina Jacque of Community Church of Barrington and Rev. Jeanne Hanson of St. Paul United Church of Christ.

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  1. Thank you Revered Zina and the Barrington Area Ministerial Association for organizing this much needed community prayer service. I will be joining you tonight!

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