365. Look Back at a Year in the Life of Barrington

365.  Look Back at a Year in the Life of Barrington

There have been many days this past year when I’ve wondered how I’d feel when I reached day 365 here at 365Barrington.com. When I began this project, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and, deep down, I doubted whether I’d be able to do it.  But the people I met along the way who shared their stories and their time nudged me kindly along each day.  And I look back with a great sense of gratitude for the many new friends that I’ve found.

Faces of Barrington Collage

Now that day 365 has arrived, many of you have asked me, what happens next? I have a lot of plans for this website, but there is one thing that comes first.

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363. Choose The Right Hues

363.  Choose The Right Hues

We’ve recently been painting some walls in our home to update spaces, refresh rooms and prepare for our new baby’s arrival this July.  Though picking paint colors should be a quick task, to me, it feels like I’m making a major commitment.  I worry about choosing hues that will clash, create the wrong vibe or just drive me crazy.  So this is one area where I always turn to an expert, like design consultant, Jackie Wayne at Epco Paint in Barrington.

Epco Paint Design Consultant, Jackie Wayne

I recently caught up with Jackie because I was looking for the perfect shade of neutral for our family room and a nice accent color for a nearby powder room.  I wanted paint colors that are calm and soothing, but not too boring.  Current, but not too trendy.  Light, but not too bright.  In short, I wanted her to choose for me.  But she wouldn’t let me off that easy.

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362. Vote for Your Favorite Spring Break Photos

362.  Vote for Your Favorite Spring Break Photos

Well, it was fun while it lasted. But Spring Break 2011 is over in Barrington and school is officially back in session. Why not relive a little of that time off by taking a look at the photos submitted in our 365 Barrington Finale Spring Break Photo Contest? We received a bunch of cool submissions from people who left town for spring break and others who celebrated their time off right here at home. We’re calling it a “Finale” because it’s the last contest before day #365 and there are some great prizes up for grabs for THREE WINNERS!


But we can’t choose the winners on our own. We need your help. Please take a look at this gallery of photo contest submissions and vote by checking the box by your favorites. You only have one chance to cast your votes.  Zip through and vote for your favorite or for as many photos as you’d like, but the system will only count your votes once.  No hanging chad hokey pokey here! We’ll tally the votes and we’ll reveal our winners on Wednesday right here at 365Barrington.com.

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361. If the Shoe Fits, Fix It!

361.  If the Shoe Fits, Fix It!

I found it! I’ve searched high and low while writing this blog for the past 361 days and I finally found THE SOLE of Barrington. It’s housed in a little shop that you’ve surely passed a million times. One step inside and you’ll be shocked by the sharp smell of shoe polish and the sense that you’ve stepped back in time. A quick ding of the old brass desk bell on the counter reveals one of Barrington’s best kept secrets, as shoe repair man, Leonid Gokhberg, steps out from the back.

Barrington Cobbler

Leon moved from the Ukraine to Chicago back in 1979.  Take one look at his hardened hands and you’ll begin to see his story in his black stained fingertips.

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360. Win the 365 Barrington Finale Photo Contest

360.  Win the 365 Barrington Finale Photo Contest

Can you believe day 365 at 365Barrington.com is only 5 DAYS AWAY! I can’t believe it. And, I’ll admit, I’ve never felt relief quite like this before. It’s been a great experience, but writing one blog post every day for a year has been much more challenging than I ever imagined and I’m in the mood to celebrate! So we’ve UPPED THE ANTE for our finale photo contest prize here at 365Barrington.com and you have through Sunday night (tomorrow) to submit your pictures.

365 Barrington Finale Spring Break Photo Contest
Photo Courtesy of Emily Hernandez

We now have not one, BUT THREE awesome prizes to give away to our winners…

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359. An Opportunity of Olympic Proportions

359.  An Opportunity of Olympic Proportions

If you’re like me, you LOVE looking at properties for sale and considering the possibility of finding a new place to call home.  Well, it’s springtime in Barrington and the weekend open house activity is heating up.  There’s a great property that’s open in South Barrington this afternoon that’s only a few years old, has that open floor plan that everyone loves and is also a “sneeze away” from I-90, O’Hare Airport and downtown Chicago.

For Sale - 1 Olympic Drive in South Barrington, Illinois
1 Olympic Drive - The Woods of South Barrington

This home is conveniently close to EVERYTHING, so why not come check it out from 1-4PM TODAY, Saturday, March 26th.  Take a drive by and pop inside if you want to see more. My mom, Suzanne Luby, will be the host and I promise she doesn’t bite … unless you color on the walls ;).

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358. "Hot Happenings" in Barrington for March 24-27

358.  "Hot Happenings" in Barrington for March 24-27

Barrington dancers will be part of a special performance this weekend, “…infused with power, movement and explosive chemistry”. With a description like that, how can you miss it! About 35 of the Barrington area’s very best performers will have the honor of sharing the stage with professional dancers from Chicago’s Giordano Jazz Dance Company on Saturday night. That tops our list of Barrington “Hot Happenings” for March 24-26.

Barrington Dancers Perform with Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago
Courtesy of Midwest Dance Collective

Late last year, several choreographers from Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago partnered up with local dance groups in a new dance initiative called the “Giordano Choreography Project” led by  Barrington High School Fine Arts Chair, Julie Salk and the Artistic Director for Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago.

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357. March Madness at R.S.V.P’s 2 Pizza, Bar & Grill

357. March Madness at R.S.V.P’s 2 Pizza, Bar & Grill

If you’re into college basketball, you probably have your nights booked for the next couple of weekends. I know watching the NCAA Basketball Regional and Final Four games is at the top of my husband’s list of things to do. And if you’d rather watch the games with friends than at home alone, I have a suggestion. There’s a great Bar and Grill in town that you might not know about if you’re new to Barrington.

It’s called R.S.V.P.’s 2 Pizza, Bar & Grill in Lake Barrington and it’s been around for 30 years. The locals know it as THE PLACE to be for catching up with old friends, making new ones or drinking ice cold beer while watching the hottest sporting events of the year. I caught up with one of the bar’s biggest fans during a recent Bears/Packers game.

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356. Get Your Beach Body Back in Just 12 Weeks

356.  Get Your Beach Body Back in Just 12 Weeks

Spring just arrived on Sunday and that means the start of summer is only three months away.  If you’d like to get your beach body back by June, it’s totally possible with a Barrington program that has helped many shed up to 25 pounds in just three months.  If this sounds appealing, then do I have a story for you!   There’s a man who works in Barrington by the name of Mike Ploszek. He recently signed up for the program and swears it changed his life. In 12-weeks, he dropped 23 pounds, lost 4.5 inches from his waist, decreased his blood pressure and, some say he’s started to look a little like Brad Pitt ;). Take a look at Mike’s before and after photos and I’ll tell you how he did it.

Weight Loss Success Story at Good Shepherd Health and Fitness in Barrington, Illinois

Mike’s in his 50’s and, last fall, he says he was feeling like he needed to take charge of his weight and his health. “I was a guy who never met an M & M he didn’t eat.” He’d been watching his parents and their 80-something friends struggle with health issues and he decided to take action to improve his own health today. “I thought, if I’m not going to do something about it now, it’s not going to be a good ride for me twenty or thirty years from now.” So Mike signed up for the “12-Week Medically Based Weight Loss Program” at Good Shepherd Health and Fitness and says what happened next changed his life.  I wanted to learn more so he agreed to meet me during a recent workout.

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355. Have Dinner with Your Neighbors

355.  Have Dinner with Your Neighbors

What are you doing for dinner this Wednesday night? The Barrington community is hosting a free dinner to bring neighbors together at a local church and we’re all invited. I’m serious. They want us all to be there, so why not check it out? Did you know the group that puts on this “Community Dinner” hosts one every month? Their goal is to encourage and strengthen friendships, share kindness, inspire hope and demonstrate that Barrington welcomes others and embraces a spirit of community.

March Community Meal in Barrington, Illinois

The Community Meal is the idea of a young woman at Barrington’s Lutheran Church of the Atonement. Her name is Mary Hasse and I’m told she was just out of college when she had the idea to start this monthly meal in the summer of 2009.

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354. 365 Barrington SPRING BREAK Photo Contest

354.  365 Barrington SPRING BREAK Photo Contest

We’re heading into the home stretch here at 365Barrington.com! I just reminded my husband that, after next Sunday, we’ll only be FOUR DAYS AWAY from day 365. Because our site sees so much traffic on weeks when we host community photo contests and because today is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING, I decided now would be a good time to host one more contest before the year is complete. It’s our first ever “Spring Break Photo Contest” and the grand prize will be a great way for our winner to relax and have fun when the vacation is over.

Spring Break Photo Contest at 365Barrington.com

The rules are easy. I just made them up. Anyone is eligible to enter this contest, whether you’ve jetted off to sea or ski or are having a “Staycation” like we are right here at home. If you participated in one of our past photo contests, that’s great! We’d love to see more of your photos this time. All you have to do is submit your favorite photo or photos which answer this question:

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353. Have a Close Encounter with the Supermoon

353.  Have a Close Encounter with the Supermoon

If you’re fascinated by full moons, you don’t want to miss the rare sight you’ll see in the sky tonight. We’ll all witness a “supermoon” rise in the east at sunset, just after 7PM, if the weather cooperates. That means the full moon will be the biggest it’s been in almost 20 years, according to NASA. Barrington resident and photographer, Bob Lee, captured the moon on camera last night.

Barrington Super Moon
Photo Courtesy of Bob Lee

The last full moon so big and close to earth appeared in March of 1983, says Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory in Washington DC.

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352. Barrington House Talk – 2011 Market Realities

352.  Barrington House Talk – 2011 Market Realities

In “Barrington House Talk” last week, I opened things up for your questions. We received several great questions about the Barrington real estate market, and we’ll answer them all in the coming weeks here at 365Barrington.com. But today I’m going to tackle the question that’s most difficult because it’s a subject that can be tough to talk about.

Mike from North Barrington asks,

“What is the current Foreclosure rate in Barrington and how does that compare to the numbers nationally?”

It’s a great question, Mike. I’d like to say the numbers from MRED, our local MLS, are encouraging, but the data paints a different picture. The short sale and foreclosure statistics for Barrington are a real estate reality we have to know and face to help accelerate our local market recovery.

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351. "Hot Happenings" in Barrington for March 17-20

351.  "Hot Happenings" in Barrington for March 17-20

One of the biggest things happening this weekend is the first ever Barrington Celtic Fest which started today and continues through tomorrow at McGonigal’s Pub. You won’t want to miss performances by traditional Irish band, The Reids, tonight and tomorrow night. McGonigal’s General Manager, Damien Dunne’s twin brother is in the band and they’ve flown in from Ireland just to perform at Barrington’s festivities!  You can catch The Reids on the Main Stage tonight from 9PM until close or in the Festival Tent tomorrow night from 8PM until Midnight.  Also performing LIVE tomorrow night is Finbarr Fagan and the Paddy Go Easy Band.

Live Music at Barrington Celtic Fest

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