January 2012

99. Give it Up for “Melty the Snowman”

Post - Snowman Contest Winner

Well it turns out our recent snowstorm didn’t produce the best kind of snow for making snowmen. They couldn’t create the fleet of Frosties I’d envisioned during St. Matthew’s Snowman Building Day last weekend. But we still managed to find a winner for our 365 Barrington Snowman Contest. I just CAN NOT allow the Sweet […]

98. Snowman Building Day & Contest for Candy Prize

Post - Snowman Candy Head

They had to cancel the event due to a lack of snow last year, but thanks to our well-timed snowfall today, the St. Matthew Church Barrington Family Snowman Building Day IS ON for tomorrow and we’re all invited!!! So get your gear ready before bed tonight and have some sweet snowman dreams for a major […]

97. Get Lucky with ‘Year of the Dragon’ Menu at Pl8

Post - Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon

A popular Barrington restaurant is making it easy to welcome the Chinese New Year this weekend and my mouth is watering just thinking about the festive menu and fun specials they’ve lined up.   The Chinese New Year officially starts on Monday, January 23rd, but they’ll be celebrating all weekend long at Pl8 Simply Asian with […]

96. ‘Dance for a Difference’ with Bataille Academie Concert

Bataille Academie Dancers Martin Luther King Performance

Performers from Barrington’s Bataille Academie of the Danse are presenting a special concert called Dance for a Difference this Saturday to raise awareness and funds for five causes that touch many lives here in Barrington. Tomorrow’s performance is part of Bataille Academie’s Integrity Dance Project, a concert level dance opportunity where students learn from professional […]

95. ‘Express Yourself’ at Photo Exhibit’s Opening Night

"Express Yourself" Photo Contest, Courtesy of Thomas Balsamo

What would you picture if you were asked to photograph something that makes you laugh, cry, something you love, something beautiful or something you can’t live without?  Your images would undoubtedly speak volumes about your values, your personality and the people who matter to you most. Barrington portrait photographer, Thomas Balsamo, recently posed that challenge […]

94. Make Barrington Predictions for 2012

Post - Happy New Year, 2012

So, how’s 2012 going for you so far? We’re just over a week into the new year and I’ve been holed up at home organizing my junk drawers. Now it’s time to put pen to paper and make a plan for 2012. And I’m trying something new this year. I’m making a firm decision to […]

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