4. Meet the Guys who Hired this Bunny

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Pizza Factory of Barrington

Pizza Factory of Barrington

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Barrington business owner, Nick Saviano, tried something new this weekend.  He hired the Easter Bunny to help drum up new business at his family restaurant, the Pizza Factory of Barrington.  The orange Bunny mingled with clients, made friends with kids and spent a big part of the day striking a pose outside on the Southwest corner of Northwest Highway and Route 59.  When I spotted this bunny, I decided to stop, say hi and see what he was up to.

Pizza Factory of BarringtonI slipped inside The Pizza Factory and immediately felt the presence of families.  The Savianos stepped away from the stoves with ease to watch the orange bunny work the crowd.  To the kids, the place seemed comfortable and familiar.  No carved ham or shrimp cocktail.  Just the bunny, pizza, mom and dad.  Remember when life couldn’t get any better?

The Savianos bought The Pizza Factory 20 years ago and say they’ve always worked toward giving it a personal, home town touch.  They pride themselves in offering consistently delicious meals and say they’ll always bend over backwards to please their customers.  From their pizza dough to their sauces, their Sloppy Joes to their Italian Beef – all of their specialties are home-made with pride.  Though the struggling economy was hard on their business last year, the Savianos say 2010 started off strong.  They plan to keep working toward marketing their family business with the help of their regular customers, word of mouth and an occasional orange bunny to boot.

Father and Son at The Barrington Pizza Factory

The Pizza Factory of Barrington is located at 101 W. Northwest Highway, on Northwest Highway, just West of Route 59.   You can place an order by calling 847-381-6740.  You’ll find more information along with their menu at PizzaFactoryofBarrington.com.

Happy Easter!

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