125. See Police Duo “Combs and Maxx” in Action

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Stay Safe with Combs and Maxx

When he was just a baby, a dog saved the life of Wauconda Police Sergeant John Combs. From a distance, a neighbor watched Sergeant Combs as an infant crawl up and fall in to the family’s backyard pool. That neighbor then saw the family dog, a Collie named Honey, pull him out of the water to safety. The story made the local news and made a life-long animal lover out of this 12 year veteran of the Wauconda police department. That’s why he jumped at the chance to have a canine cop as his partner in fighting crime.

Stay Safe with Combs and Maxx

Six years ago, Sergeant Combs teamed up with Maxx the Dog. Maxx is a highly skilled German Shepherd specially trained at Tops Kennel Complex in Grayslake to help police fight crime. He helps officers find drugs, loaded guns and other weapons, he tracks criminals on the run and, Sergeant Combs says Maxx’s presence alone is a huge deterrent.

They’re not only partners at work, Maxx lives with Sergeant Combs and his family.  Combs says, “He’s with me all the time. In the past six years, we’ve only been apart for 25 days. I spend more time with him than my family, my friends and my kids.”

Combs and Maxx are one of the teams Barrington police call when they need a canine cop.  In fact, Combs and Maxx have helped track suspects in several Barrington home invasions.  They’ll be back in Barrington again tonight to demonstrate their tracking techniques at Barrington’s Night Out Against Crime at Citizens Park.  They’ll take the stage at 6:45 for about an hour.  The performance is not just educational, it’s fun to watch the bond between these two protectors of the peace.


    • Cool! I just “liked” your bro & K9 Maxx’s Facebook page. Thanks for sharing, Suzy. Have a great weekend, Liz

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